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A female mage armour set consisting of robes, boots and gauntlets. Comes in four colours. Craftable, temperable, enchantable.

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Mod works as intended, so don't expect any updates.
I don't develop old mods any more.

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A "Studded" class light armour for mages, or whoever likes to look like a mage.

• VANILLA-ISH bodytype (fits all bodytypes)
• A strongbox with the items can be found in your dorm room in College of Winterhold
• The crafting book has been added to leveled lists, all who sell spells, like court wizards, should have the book for sale 

1.5 makes the following changes:

- Requires Update.esm as a master.

- Adds appropriate CCOR toggles to recipes (Mod Supported, Light Armor, Armor Cuirass, Armor Boots, Armor Gauntlets, Female Only).
- Adds "Inventory Conditions on Crafting" option to all recipes to make the "Crafting for the Arcane" book requirement toggleable.
- Adds WAF_VisuallyDarkArmor keyword to the Dark Battlemage items.
- Adds PRUFEI breakdown recipes.
- Fixes the hats to be visible on Argonians and Khajiit.
- Fixes the model pathing for the Dark Robes (armor) 1st Person.
- Fixes the Dark Gloves (armor) to use Leather category instead of Studded.
- Adjusts the Sinister Boots (armor) recipe to be consistent with other boots.

Thanks to DrMonops for the CCOR version and all the fixes <3

• Craftable at the forge with Advanced Smithing, also upgradable at workbench. NEW SINCE 1.2: YOU ALSO NEED THE "CRAFTING FOR THE ARCANE BOOK" in your inventory. Whenever you have the book in your pocket, you can craft the armours  (this is to avoid unnecessary clutter in crafting menu)

One armour mod that you can combine boots and gloves from is Ursine armour by Deserter X

Note that I did not make this armour model. I just got it from this resource.
I made some texture tweaks and that's it.
I have no skills to actually edit armours, just recolour them.

There will be no male version unless someone makes me a model for it.

• Skyrim.esm
• Update.esm


• Minor clipping with certain animations


tumbajamba for the meshes
Mr. Dave for the knit texture
• ObsidianDawn ( for the rune brushes
All other textures are modified vanilla / HD DLC textures

:: THANKS ::

- fadingsignal for Spectra ENB and helping me fix the headache-inducing specular channel on the boots' normal map
- JadenDew for testing, feedback and screenies. ilu ♥ 
- DrunkZealot for texture help <3