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About this mod

BRG The Gourmet adds so far 200+ new foods, 600+ new ingredients, 10 new placeable crafting station and a new cooking system to skyrim. Every food and ingredient has been added to skyrim creatures and leveled lists. Works perfectly with any other cooking/survival mod.

Permissions and credits

BRG the gourmet
is not an overhaul but an expansion and a resource for other mods.
This mod introduce in Skyrim a wide yet simple and clean cooking system based
on variety with maximum compatibility for any other mod. You will be able to prepare
ingredients in many different ways before cooking or eating them, each one
with it's own unique effects. Currently this mod features 200+ Foods, 700+ Ingredients,

1000+ Smart recipes, 10 Craftable cooking stations, High customisation through MCM.


1. Hearthfires
2. SKSE 1.7.03 or greater
3. SKY UI 5.0 or greater

How to get started

In the archive under the document folder you will find BRG Reference Guide,
Please read it or you might get confused playing this mod.


  • Extract the bsa and the esp file in your Skyrim\data folder.
  • Activate the esp.                                                                 
  • Enter the game and Activate the mod through MCM menu.


  • Deactivate the mod through MCM menu.                             
  • Disable the esp and delete bsa and esp in your data folder.


Updating to 0.7.3:                                                    
  • Uninstall the mod Through MCM menu.                          
  • Replace the files in your Skyrim\data folder.                  
  • Enter the game and Activate the mod with MCM menu.

Updating after 0.7.3:                                                  
  • Replace the files in your Skyrim\data folder.                 


This Mod is fully compatible with almost any mod. A bashed patch is recommended.
Check the reference guide in the compatibility section for more informations.

Recommended Mods:

Things to do
  • Add effects to each ingedient (20%)     
  • Add Intestines                                  
  • Add Eyeballs (100%)                           
  • Add Theeth/claws/tusks                    
  • HD textures (25%)                             
  • New Chopped Mesh                          
  • Better Sausages/Pie Collision (50%)      
  • Add New advanced recipes (25%)         


If you find any bug, wrong spelling, or incompatibility, please report in the bug section.
All inappropriate comments will be moved to the bug section.
Check out the F.A.Q. section in the reference guide before commenting or
your comment may be ignored if already present in guide.

Patch notes

  • v 0.7 Initial release
  • v 0.7.1 Added MCM menu and missing scripts
  • v 0.7.3 Added processing boards and craftable stations and boards,
Minced HD Textures, Meat HD Textures, Lungs HD Textures
Darker liver Textures, Other Textures\Normal maps fixes, 
Pies\Tarts Collisions fixed, 
Inventory display items fix,
Invisible Fried egg bottom fixed.

  • v 0.7.4 Added Chicken Feathers, New Troll Meat Mesh and texture,
40+ textures fixed, Added effects to every food (~200).
  • v 0.7.5 Fixed and optimized script, Modular creatures ingredients, Minor fixes.
  • v 0.8 Added Eyeballs to creatures, Stocks, Meatballs
Lungs puddings, Dwemer crafting stations,  forging now is optional.
Script routines and recipes fixed. Drinks sounds and properties fixed.

  • v 0.8a Added Recipes Book, fixed Fruit Processing.


Bethesda Softworks for Skyrim

Static dishes and food resource by Tamira

JBVW  for the original tableware models and textures, published in her Oblivion mod Vaernlor Manor

Riley Marks for the tweaked tableware, published in her Oblivion resource Static dish sets

Stroti for his food resources that were taken from Strotis New Food

DanielCoffey for his Better book Mesh Resource Pack

Strotis Stilthouse

Stroti's Treehouse

Stroti's Oven Resource

Resource extra food v2 by bfadragon

Google's New Fruit and Vegetables

White River Cottage for Screenshots

Raduluchian for his chicken feather texture