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Many new Automatons related weapons for you to craft.

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Dwarven Automatons Weapons

Dwarven weaponry expanded with 18 new weapons, 2 projectiles, 1 armor piece and 1 shield. The new equipment consist in ancient dwemer tools and weapons that can be assembled together by itens scavenged from Automatons bodies. Most of the new items require a manual, sold by Calcelmo in Markarth, to be crafted and you will need the vanilla Dwarven Smithing Perk as well.

Deconstruct Weapons

The ancient Dwarven used this tool to craft automatons... or recycle then. 

Deconstruct Hammer/ Great Hammer

- Bypass 25 / 35% of automatons armor rating.
- Base 30% critical chance against automatons.
- Deal 6 / 8 shock damage for 5 secs on critical hits.
- Weaken automatons by 10% slower movement speed and -100 AR for 10 secs on critical hits.

Fail-Safe Key

For when things went wrong... A well placed hit can disable automaton`s functions.

- 30x Sneak damage multiplier against automatons
- When sneaking, bypass 75% of automatons armor rating.
- Base 40% critical hit chance against automatons.
- Weaken automatons by 15% slower movement speed and -150 AR for 10 secs on critical hits.

Conduit Arrow/ Bolt

These projectiles explode with a massive shock field that cause increased damage against automatons.

- 20 immediate shock damage against anyone in the blast radius.
- 5 shock damage for 10 secs to automatons catch in the blast.
- Weaken automatons catch in the blast bt 20% movement speed and -200 AR for 10 secs.

Automatons Weapons

Weapons made of Sphere or Centurions arms can be attacked to the player`s arm when using a Dwemer Power Gauntlet, these weapons have base 25% critical hit chance and apply special effects on crits and deal +25% power attack damage but cost +50% stamina to perform power attacks. Centurion weapons can also be used as two-handed weapons (the grip can be changed at a smelter at any time) and don`t require the Dwemer Power Gauntlets for proper use.

Dwarven Sphere Sword

- Causes bleed 10 damage for 5 secs to living creatures on critical hits.

Dwarven Centurion axe/hammer

- Deal 10 steam burst damage for 10 secs on critical hits.

Forge Master axe/ hammer 

- Deal 15 fire damage for 10 secs on critical hits.

Ballista bow/ great crossbow

Dwemer ballista can drop a broken bow that can be used to craft a Dwarven Ballista Bow or the Dwarven Great Crossbow. These weapons are heavier then other weapons of it`s category, fire slower but deal increased damage and bypass 50% (bow) and 75% (crossbow) of the target armor rating. Also they have a base critical chance of 30% (bow) and 50% (crossbow) and knockdown the targets on critical hits.

Sphere shield

Dwemer Spheres can drop a plate used to craft these shields, they are light weight and can be used as it is or attached to any dwarven crossbow. They also have a chance to apply 30 shock damage to targets when shield bashing or bashing with your shield-attached crossbow.

More Dangerous Constructs

Overall, with this mod, dwarven automatons are stronger, they deal increased damage, have high armor rating and are less vulnerable to non-blunt weapons attacks. Their resistances also have been boosted but they are still weak to shock damage. I gave you some tools to deal with then, they are not mandatory thou, but expect an increased challenge in dwemer ruins.


GDelforge (GD's Dwemer Centurion - A 2k Centurion retexture for M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N.) for unique texture used in the Master Forge weapons.

ENB used in the screenshots: Somber 3 by Maeldun0


I make no claim in these models, they are vanilla meshes repurposed and can be used by anyone at will, credit is nice thou.

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