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Ever hated how using the the various hold cloaks and the like disappeared your tail? Now have the best of both worlds!

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Do you love mods like Frostfost, Winter is Coming, and Cloaks of Skyrim but hated how your tail just vanished? Well so did I, so I fixed it.

This is a very simple mod all I did was remove the tail slot from the various cloaks in xEdit, this is only a ESP so you will still need the
original Mod as no BSA assets are included its just a edited ESP, By the same token the original Winter is Coming is just overwrite it with this

Again I can not stress this enough this is a patch/overwrite for version 2.3 of Winter is Coming - Cloaks and will not work without it.

Note since the WiC patch for Cloaks of Skyrim just alters level lists and not actually any armors the original cloaks patch does not need a tails patch and you can use it with this without a hitch.

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