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The reason given by the author is: I am done making mods, I am simply to old to deal with all the stress involved in this anymore. I am also tired of the way the mod making comunity has become mired down in drama and mod theft. this was originally a peacful and relaxing thing to do, but it has crossed over into the realm of being a job, and that is not what I wanted it to be all about. This mod never recived the traction I hoped it would. I made this to be a working replacement for the horrible assets that Bethesda gave us, but all I recivd was please make it compaitble with mod or that mod. There will be no further updates, no sharing of the assets from this time forward. Please understand this is my choice and while I do belive in the Cathedral way of modding, this mod has been done for so long now I feel its irrelevant at this point. Please, let a 50 year old mod maker go off in peace.