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A total rework of the base meshes and textures of the moths and butterflies of Skyrim. Includes all new ingredient meshes as well as ingredient jars. Textures are 4x the size of the originals.

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Hello everyone. Sorry that the mod was down for a period of time. I wanted to verify that the meshes work in
SSE before re-posting it. I have been testing my various mods in SSE to ascertain what if anything needs to be done.
I am happy to say that an SSE version will ready, although it will be under a new name. I feel the present name
causes some confusion as to what its all about and it think it also why the mod was not excepted at G.E.M.
For Skyrim players wanting an SSE version look for a mod called "True Butterflies & Moths Of Skyrim" in the
next day or so. Thanks for the support and I am back to modding Skyrim.


Lepidoptera, pronounced [lep-i-dop-ter-uh]is the family of insects that contains Butterflies and Moths.
This mod has been a work in progress on and off for over three years. I was always very disappointed
and shocked that Bethesda gave us the game with a horribly distorted and unnatural Monarch butterfly,
but also simply chose not to take the time to make the Luna or the Blue/moth butterfly at least correct also
bothered me. Having a background in the study of these magnificent creatures and seeing the total lack of
care that went into the creation of them never sat well with me. I mean other game studios can do them
right, so why did Bethesda drop the ball. I wanted them fixed and tried various mods over the years. But
none of them did it quite right and they never really addressed the textures and other elements of the
meshes involved. I will be the first to admit that mine are far from perfect either, at least my answer for
the Monarch is a bit closer to the real thing even though it is a bit chubby. The Luna and Blue moth were
simply badly textured from the start. They simply took the upper wing texture and mirrored it to the lower
wing. The end result looked bad and we all know what it did to the Monarch ingredient wings.

My answer was to create all new textures 4X the resolution of the originals, and to alter the UV-mapping of
the meshes so that they would fit the wings in the right way, but to also add an Alpha channel to the mix so
that the edges of the wings are more natural and don’t look like they were cut out with a pair of scissors.
The end result was a much more natural looking and dare I say better. As time went on I started to create
many more Butterflies and Moths for the game, but I never took the next step of getting them into the game.

Along the way I also decided to tackle the worst offender of them all, the Ancestor Moth. For the first part
it is simply shaped like no real moth in the world, and the texture used was very low quality. Again this mesh
was using the mirrored trick to UV-map both wings. The first thing I did was to fix that. Then I wanted the
Ancestor moth to be based on something that had a powerful historical lore to it, and to make a statement.
There is no other moth that does this better than the Deaths Head moth. Throughout history it has had a
reputation as a harbinger of war, pestilence, and death to man and beast alike. If there was going to any
moth that the famous Moth Priests held in esteem it would be this one. I then UV-mapped each and every one
of the moths in the cloud assets used in the DLC to match as close as possible to the single free flying moth.

That pretty much covers what this mod is going to do. It is going to substitute my altered versions of the stock
meshes with new more accurate textures. The Blue moth/butterfly has been completely re-textured and it now
based on a Philippine Swallowtail. You will find that it is very reflective and shiny in game. This is intentional as
I have set this moth to have environmental shaders to give i a bit of an iridescent look. I re-textured the moth
and butterfly in a jar as well and they are also included in this release.

I originally did a simple re-texture of the ingredient wings. But after entering into collaboration with Kryptopyr
we came up with the idea to replace the wings with actual ingredient meshes that are based on the whole body,
instead of just the wings. So with this mod you find that you no longer just get a set of wings when you catch a
moth of butterfly. Instead you get a whole butterfly or moth instead, just like you get with
the Dragonfly and the Bee ingredients. It really does make more sense.

The rest of the various moths and butterflies I made I handed off to Kryptopyr to add to her upcoming mod.
She will be releasing it very soon and is designed from the beginning to work hand in hand with my mod. No
patches will be needed to use the mods together, this mod covers the base meshes hers will cover and extend
on that. I will also be releasing all the moths and butterflies I have made as resources so that mod makers can
add then as they see fit. Some mod makers may also wish to re-texture the assets, but be forewarned that the
way I have separated the fore and hind wings UV-map makes lining up these wings a bit of a tedious task.

One last note, this mod adopts wiseman303's Critter Fixes, which means that the collision meshes have adopted
his settings so that the butterflies and moths do not bump you out of the way when you come into contact with them.  


Installing the mod can’t be any simpler than downloading it and using your mod manager of choice and letting it put
everything in place. This is a simple replacement mod so no special FOMOD scripting needs to be done. If you are using
any mod that changes the moths and butterflies they will be overwritten by this mod. I have changed the location of the
mods texture paths so that they will not impact stock texture locations. If you are using another mod that alters the
butterflies and moths you may want to remove it first.


It should be compatible with any mod out there as long as it does not alter the base butterfly and moth’s meshes and
textures in game. If you are using Wiseman303's Critter Fixes they should work fine. My mod will overwrite Wiseman303’s
meshes, but mine have the same settings so that should not be an issue.

As for 83Willows 101BugsHD, you need to remove it. Because my meshes have entirely new UV-maps her mod will simply
not look right. Her textures will not line up properly and there is nothing I can or will do to fix this. 101BugsHD does not
use custom meshes, but the original base meshes and all re-texture work was done from inside the Creation Kit.
I am confident that once Kryptopyr’s mod is released 101 bugs simply will not be needed anymore. It is a 4 year old
mod and has not seen any updating in a very long time. And because of the way it was made it would tend to hold back
other mods that need to replace those meshes. Such as in the way mine does. I simply could not make the meshes work
with my textures and not break any other mods out there that do simple re-textures in engine. If this is a problem than
“Lepidoptera Of Skyrim” is simply not going to be for you. 


This is a one shot deal. I handed over all the other Butterflies and Moths to Kryptopyr so she could integrate them into her mod.
She is making even more to add to what I gave her. So her mod is going to be pretty big. I still of course still own all of my
original meshes and textures and will be releasing them as resources once she has her mod released. That way other mod
makers can use the assets in future mods and if they have the skill and time to learn how I UV-mapped the textures to the
meshes they can make their own. I have another big project I have been neglecting as of late and I need to get back to work
on it and finish it. I think spending 3 years on and off on this mod is more than enough time spent.
It’s been a learning experience and I hope everyone enjoys it. Credits and


I must give credit toWiseman303 for fixing the collision glitch with these meshes. I had already made most of them when
I was asked about the collision issue by Kryptopyr. She pointed me to his mod and instead of having to rebuild everything
on his .nif files I simply duplicated his collision code into the ones I had already made.It worked. And of course to Kryptopyr,
if not for her interest in a picture of the moths and butterflies I had posted this simply would have never been released.
Thanks for prodding me into it. And of course Bethesda for giving us a great game, even if the meshes are not perfect.
Hey they get it 95% right most of time.

Version 2.0b

Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul  compatibility version added. This version simply removes the esp file
as it is simply not needed do to CACO taking over and handling this issue. You will still need to use the main mod
to cover the base Butterflies and Moths as Kryptopyr does not include them in her mod.
This is only for the Dawnguard version as it is required for Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul.
If you already  using the Dawnguard version version you can simply turn off the esp file to get the same result.

Version 2.0

Fixed the CTD crash bug that occurred while trying to gather Ancestor moths in the Glade in Dawnguard. I also was informed by
Kryptopyr I had missed a moth mess that is used in the Glade, the mesh has been given the same treatment the others have and is
now included in the mod. I was also informed that when killing and harvesting moths and butterflies either by melee weapons or
by shouting that you would receive two moths or butterflies instead of one. This was simply something that had slip by and I had
not even given it a thought too. In my games I have just never thought to use shouts or weapons on these critters, I just walk up and
gather them myself. Kryptopyr was aware of this and quickly made a patch for the mod, thanks once again Kryptopyr. Do to this,
I have separated the mod into to two forms now, one for the base game and one for Dawnguard. Included in each will be the .esp
file to adjust the harvest amounts. The .esp files are only required if you want to apply this fix. So if you want to use this mod and
are running close to the 256 mod limit, no problem just don't activate the .esp file in your load order. The mod will work fine, but
be aware that you you will get two moths or butterflies for each single one harvested. I believe that covers all the changes for now.