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CzuCzuRender and DarkAngel13

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With huge help from DarkAngel13 we manage to create Mod that adds three custom craftable short swords. All are In HD

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Hi guys,

Lost Secrest of Daedric Gods v1.3

Thanks to Logan The Totally Epic Gamer for a nice review of the swords ;)

Please don't forget this for all mods, if you like the mod, endorse it so the modders are happy to make better and nicer mods :)

This is a joined project by master texturer and creator of the these beautiful sword meshes & textures CzuCzuRender and Yours truly DarkAngel13 behind the coding and description and possible coding requests if you PM me

This mod will introduce stand alone craftable, upgradable and enchantable Daedric Legend swords Azura's Lost, Meridia's Revenge & Vaermina's Dream into the world of Skyrim.

This mod should be compatible with any mods out there. Any problems please let me know and I'll fix that.

The swords are a tiny little bit stronger and a bit lighter than a regular daedric sword.

As these are a very unique swords, they are only craftable in Skyforge, the place where legends are born.

You will need Daedric smithing perk unlocked to be able to craft these beauties.

Automatic installation of Arura's lost and Meridia's Revenge:

Use Nexus Mod Manager for casual and advanced modders

Wrey Bash Wrey Bash advanced modders - make sure you know what you do ;)

Automatic uninstall - Simple

If you already installed the above three stand alone mods and wish to use LostSecret2in1 please uninstall them before.

Manual Installation:
Extract the file into Skyrim installation folder
Start skyrim, from the launch menu select "Data file" tick the box next to AzurasLost1dot1.esp, MeridiasRevenge1dot1.esp VaerminasDream1dot1.esp
Close and play:)

Please make sure if you want to use all in one version LostSecretAllin1_v1dot3.esp unselect the AzurasLost1dot1.esp, MeridiasRevenge1dot1.esp & VaerminasDream1dot1.esp as they will conflict with each other.

Manual uninstall:
Erase folder CzuCzuRender&D13 from meshes & textures folders
and erase Azuraslost1dot1.esp, MeridiasRevenge1dot1.esp & VaerminasDream1dot1.esp or LostSecretAllin1_v1dot3.esp from skyrim data folder

To create the Azura's Lost sword you need:

3 Ebony ingots
1 Leather strip
1 Daedra heart
1 Gold Ingots
and 2 Ruby gems

for Meridia's Revenge you need

3 Ebony ingots
1 Leather strip
1 Daedra heart
1 Gold Ingots
and 2 Ruby gems

For Vaermina's Dream
3 Ebony ingots
1 Leather strip
1 Daedra heart
1 Gold Ingots
and 1 QuickSilver Ingot

If anyone should have problems with the crafting ingrediences you'll understand once you hold the sword in your hand.

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

To do:

Each sword will have their own quest with a unique Boss battle and story line as soon as CK will come out if my PC will work as my GPU is failing.:(


V1.3 Created all in one version (three swords)

V1.2 Created 2 in 1 version (two swords)

V1.1 Added Skyforge recepy, and possibility of upgrade

v1.0 Added stand alone version into skyrim


CzuCzuRender a promising star in modding heaven with the ability to create meshes and texture as beautiful as these.

DarkAngel13 Creator of the stand alone craftable edition of this mod
(do you have a mesh that you want to make stand alone and don't know how, send me a pm and I'll do that
for you, for credits and kudos would be nice :) )