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Unlocks most quest-locked content by making all dungeons fully accessible at any time and replacing most "requires a key" locked doors with pickable ones.

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Hey you! Yeah you... Have you ever

wanted that word of Fire Breath or Animal Allegiance without having to join the Companions?
wanted that word of Slow Time or Ice Form without having to join the College of Winterhold?
wanted that word of Disarm without having to join the Thieves Guild?
wanted that word of Slow Time without having to join the Civil War?
wanted to collect the Gauldur Amulet without having to join the College of Winterhold?
wanted to steal the Eyes of the Falmers or Chillrend without having to join the Thieves Guild?
wanted to wear the Jagged Crown in front of Ulfric or Tullius without having to join the Civil War?
wanted to collect all dragon priest masks without being forced into several quests?
wanted to save ten precious septims by breaking into an empty house, which is currently for sale, instead of staying at the local inn?
wondered why the layout of so many dungeons drastically changes when a related quest starts?
wondered why your fully skilled master thief can't pick a simple lock on a dungeon because it requires a key but can pick the master lock next-doors?


I guess you're not into roleplaying. Time for you to move on.


That's good man, that's reeaal good because I've got the perfect mod for ya:

:: Features ::

  • Makes all dungeons in Skyrim fully accessible without having to start a quest first.
  • Therefore unlocks most quest-locked content.
  • Replaces most "requires a key" locked doors with pickable ones.
  • MCM for additional options.
  • Doesn't break any quest unless you explicitly request it in the MCM.
  • No drastic or immersion-breaking edits.
  • Includes relevant fixes from the Unofficial Patches.
  • Cleaned with TES5Edit.

:: FAQ ::

What are the requirements?

Skyrim Unlocked only requires the latest version of Skyrim. SkyUI 5.1 or newer is required for the MCM.

Can I install/uninstall this mod midgame?

I intended Skyrim Unlocked like this: You install it on a new game, configure the MCM to your liking and then forget about it for the rest of your playthrough. But you should be able to install it at any time.

Uninstalling Skyrim Unlocked is neither supported nor recommended despite the option in the MCM. It only exists to prevent the worst. If you absolutely have to uninstall Skyrim Unlocked for whatever reason you must go to an unmodified interior (e.g. The Bannered Mare), untick all options in the MCM (if possible), activate "Uninstall Mod", make a new save and then uninstall the mod. However it's still possible that this will break quests!!!

I have Skyrim Unlocked installed but there are still quest-locked locations and "requires a key" locked doors!?

I have unlock over 40 locations and removed countless unpickable locks. Under the Readme tab you can find a list with all the locations that I edited. If you think I missed something, please fill a bug report about it and I will look into it.
Keep in mind that some locations (e.g. Sovngarde) are simply not intended to be visited outside of their quest and I won't change that. Also I said I replaced most "requires a key" locked doors and not all. Some looks simply can't be replaced with reasonable effort.

I have a broken quest in my game and I suspect Skyrim Unlocked of being the culprit!

Skyrim has many, many bugs and I have thoroughly tested this mod so your bug is probably not caused by Skyrim Unlocked. Yet it's possible that something slipped under my radar. In this case you can fill a bug report about it and I promise I will fix it.

Isn't this mod highly incompatible with other mods because it edits so much?

It's simple: You must load this mod at the end of your load order or you will break stuff!
The best place is right before your bashed patch/SkyProc patches. If you follow this advice Skyrim Unlocked will be compatible with pretty much every mod. This includes major overhauls like Epic Gameplay Overhaul, Perkus Maximus and Requiem or quest modifications like Even Better Quest Objectives and Timing is Everything.

By the way Skyrim Unlocked only edits six quests: Proving Honor, Revealing the Unseen, The Mind of Madness, The Jagged Crown (Imperials), The Jagged Crown (Stormcloaks) and a hidden quest in Labyrinthian.