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I have edited AceeQ tropical skyrim edition. I have taken this mod over from him.

here is the discription of he mod then i will say what i have done from the origonal author

new landscape textures (some 1k, some low res), new grasses and plants (some high res, some low res)
removed any snow and ice from the game
new jungle trees, based on modder resources, but created by myself, also fully functional tree LOD
fixed all snow roads, so their is no grass on the roads
retextured ice caves, so they look like normal caves
retextured icebergs and glaciers
removed icebergs and galciers and icefloes, which are not needed anymore
added much more grass to the landscape
edited water colors
retextured nordic ruins into white (this are the same textures I used in my old SoSP mod for the summer optional textures!)
retextured cities, towns and other unique buildings (like winterhold college)
created new weather and lighting. After installing this mod, you've to wait 24 ingame hours for the new weather to appear.
removed snow fx (blowing snow)
fixed some places (which were before covered by snow and now by grass)
recreated many landscapes, not done jet, but will be updated in the future
fixed and overhauled cities and some towns, not all jet
edited many parts of the landscape by hand, but by far not everything done yet
retextured animals or replaced with new ones, also added many new creatures instead of replacing
regenerated LOD objects and LOD textures
retextured and replaced some animals, also added some new ones, but I highly recommend to use Animallica - Skyrim Wildlife Overhaul? with this mod. It will add many animals, which fit perfect into the tropical theme. I've replaced wolfs with hyenas, bears with panda bears, sabre cats with tigers and added many more animals as: lion, lioness, panther, elephant, rhino, tiger, panda bear, leopard, therium, raptor.
Tundra region was changed into a desert, volcanic tundra into a dry desert, fall forest into bamboo forest, pine forest into rain forest, coast into tropical coast.
I removed all snow shaders, except the snow shader for glaciers and icebergs, but I've retextured it into moss.


Load the SCO Tropical Edition.esp as last in your load order, after all other mods.USING TROPICAL WATER AND PARALLAX TEXTURESYou can also use a parallax texture from other water mods (like WATER / Pure Waters or Realistic Water Two) and use it with the water plug-in from SCO Tropical. Simply rename the parallax water texture from your favorite water mod to and place it into skyrim/data/textures/water.


Not compatible with any weather mods, but compatible with lighting mods as ELFX or ELE This edition is completly incompatible with all mods, which alter the landscape, flora, grass and treesNot compatible with any mod which overhauls the cities and townsShould work with most mods, except that mods I mentoied above. There may be some incompatibility with mods which add new things to the worldspace, since I've edited many things by hand, but most things should work aslong you load that mods after this mod.



Thanks AceeQ, i have taken over this mod with his permission, what have i done?

I have removed over 18k of trees and plants, this is to give better fps and to help players see as the play better, i have done a few rebuilds as some things were missing, i have removed some trees from the cities, the textures i have not touched and i wont, i have made some city mods to go with this overhaul

New Winterhold Tropical Edition
New Whiterun Tropical edition
New Solitude Tropical edition 

another mod that could be used is

New Markarth v1

but i am not using this as a platform for my other mods, you can use what ever texture mods you want. 

I do have plans to do more to this mod like add a few more cactuses in whiterun tundra and move a few more trees around.
Well i know there is another tropical mod on nexeus but i hope this will add to the choice of mods for people to use, 
my aim for this is to make it so everyone can use it and give them a choice, choices are good, never bad.
I hope you like this and i hope you enjoy playing it.