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Adds craftable, skin-tight bodysuits of different materials for both vanilla male and CBBE/UNP female bodies. Also contains a tutorial to apply the textures to the skin showing on other armors.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds 19 new, craftable, skin-tight "bodysuits" of varying materials to the game. Has both male and female (CBBE TBBP/UUNP compatible) variants. There is a chainmail and scalemail armor for each major metal material (iron, steel, glass, etc.) each with the same weight, crafting requirements, and protection value as their vanilla cuirass variants as well as one shiny, black leather bodysuit with the same data as a leather cuirass. They do not come with boots, helmets, or gloves, and have no seams (which is admittedly unrealistic) so are not really meant to be used by themselves, but rather in combination with other boots, gloves, or helmets for those that want a sexy look while still having "realistic" protection; the leather suit was just for fun. There's also an optional file containing bodyslide data for the female variant.

Also contains a detailed tutorial in PDF format that shows you how to modify any armor mesh that has skin showing to use my textures instead of the normal skin textures using Nifskope. This causes an "Undersuit" affect where the bodysuit looks like it's underneath the armor itself and replaces anywhere on the body (not the hands or feet) that shows skin with the suit without any clipping or weighting issues and without needing any experience with 3d modelling. Do note, however, that the quality of the body mesh may be different from the bodysuit, since the mesh I made is custom whereas the mesh for an armor uses it's own (for vanilla armor, this means the vanilla body). The differences, though, may not be too noticeable when hidden under armor. (For experienced Nifskope users, see below or check the top of the PDF)


Added a RaceMenu plugin in the optional files section that allows you to wear the textures under any armor you might have. Of course, this requires the latest RaceMenu. It's listed under "Body Paints" as an overlay. However, it will not look quite as good as the Bodysuit versions due to certain limitations and will also still use whatever mesh the armor uses rather than either the CBBE/UNP bodies or my custom Male mesh. This is not the final version of the "Undersuit" concept, as I would also like to separate it from the Race Menu (the menu, not the mod) so it can be equipped and look more like the Bodysuit versions. This is still coming "soon"...

Changed the tutorials (both advanced and beginner) to be a bit less complicated by copy-pasting the shaders from the bodysuits instead of altering them by hand.

How to Acquire

Each item can be crafted under it's corresponding material type (leather under the leather tab, daedric under the daedric tab etc.) requiring the same talents and the same materials as their corresponding vanilla cuirasses. They have all of the same stats as well.

You can also type "help Bodysuit" (no quotes) into the console and either additem the items individually, or placeatme the special container which has all the different suits in it.


Requirements: Female suits require a custom skeleton such as xpms or xpmse as well as any CBBE/UNP body (else seams and clipping may occur). The male suits require nothing.

The bodyslide data, of course, requires Bodyslide.

The RaceMenu Plugin, as the name implies, require RaceMenu. I don't know if it works on older versions of RaceMenu, but regardless they are not supported at this time, so use the newest version.

Automatic: Download one of the main files and any optional files you like with NMM or add them to the mod manager of your choice and install the files as normal. UNP and CBBE versions require their respective bodies.

Manual: Download one main file and any optional files you want and extract each of their "Data" folders to your skyrim directory.

Bodyslide Data: If you installed BS/OS in the default way, the CalienteTools should be in your data folder. If so, you can just download with NMM and install as normal. If you installed bodyslide somewhere else, you'll want to merge the "Bodyslide" folder in the zip file with your own "Bodyslide" folder wherever you installed Bodyslide/Outfit Studio. This, of course, requires Bodyslide/Outfit Studio.

Undersuit Tutorial For Advanced Users
(For the beginner version see PDF file)

1.     Load up the high weight mesh of the armor you want to alter in NifSkope.
2.     Find the TriShape for the reference body. Under it’s ShapeData, change Has Normals to yes, and Has Vertex Color to no.
3.     Open one of the bodysuit meshes from my mod and copy the BSLightingShaderProperty branch into the TriShape and delete the old one.
4.     Under the TextureSet, replace the ones listed with the texture of your choice and it's corresponding normal map.
5.     Right click the trishape, under mesh, and click Face Normals. Save to the same filepath as the original armor.
6.     Repeat for low weight variant. Done!


First of all, as stated in the credits, the chainmail texture is modified from Sunhawken's, so to use it you need to get permission from him. As for the rest of the files, you may use them in your mod as long as:

1.     Your mod/conversion/whatever is free
2.     You credit me and link to this mod
3.     While not required, I'd love to know if and where you use it for my own satisfaction. ;P

Credits and Thanks

Sunhawken -for letting me use his chainmail texture as the base for mine, and for his Daedric UNP BBP Outfit which inspired this mod.

Caliente -for the CBBE body and for Bodyslide/Outfit Studio, which were of great help in making this.