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HD (2K/1K) re-texture and division of Robes by Schools of Magic for more immersion and for roleplaying. Now, you can see, robe of what School mages are wearing.

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Drem Yol Lok, fellow mages, welcome to Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul by Rafuel and Alexandriel.
Beautiful concept by Rafuel, re-mastering and technical part by Alexandriel.
The main feature of this mod is High Definition - 2k for main and 1k for little parts (boots, hoods) - re-texture and noticeable (but not too much) division of robes by Schools of Magic for more immersion and for roleplaying.
50 (5 Schools of Magic x5 Tiers x2 genders) unique textures + remastered original textures.
As well, you can install the version without .esp, that is only a replacer for the vanilla textures.

Thank you, Rafuel, for the concept, this mod exists because of your great idea.

Now you can see robes of what school NPCs of College of Winterhold and other mages are wearing.

"Disrupt my Arcanaeum, and I will have you torn apart by angry Atronachs."―Urag gro-Shub
Know now, that these are not only words. Urag gro-Shub know how to summon.
It is his specialization.



Used tools:
Creation Kit;
Adobe Photoshop.

Thanks to all of you, who sent screenshots. Special thanks to Corfus.
Thank you, Astakos, AeturnusNoctis, Karunaz for your support with patches and localization.

No additional files required.

Clothing and Clutter Fixes by kryptopyr;
No More Glowing Edges Mod by Ftreach
Immersive College of Winterhold by Grantyboy050 is recommended for the better Mage experience. Work without conflicts.

Archmage of Winterhold HD Retexture by Rafuel, for the complete collection of Robes of the College of Winterhold.

This mod is Nexus exclusive. DO NOT download these FILES on other sites.


Thank you.