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Adds many more colors to the race menu sliders when designing a character. 6528 colors to hairstyles and 630 colors to: SkinTone , UpperEye, LowerEye, Cheeks, LowerCheeks, FrownLines, Lips, Nose, Forehead, Chin, Neck, Warpaint, Eyeliner, and Dirt.

Permissions and credits
[size=17]Plugin Patcher[/size]
The plugin patcher is meant to patch race plugins to allow for more color selection on custom races.

Simple Patcher use:
Run the program
Open the plugin you wish to patch (One from your Skyrim Data directory)
Tick the race you want to patch on the righthand side
Save your plugin (You can overwrite if you want, it will create a backup of the plugin automatically, patching the same plugin twice may overwrite the original backup though so don't do that)

Advanced Patcher use:
The more advanced feature of the patcher is the ability to create your own color palette, you can do these by either selecting one of the four presets, or selecting "Hair Palette..." or "Tint Palette..." the hair palette will obviously be the colors to do with hair (This will remain relatively small in filesize even with a very large palette) the tint palette is anything colored other than hair, things like warpaint, eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc, having a large palette will result in a large filesize.

Version 3.1.4
-Fixed patching plugins that already have CLFM groups
Version 3.1.3
-Apply is no longer necessary, changes will be saved automatically.
-Re-enabled compression
-Stripped color form list of colors that were not used
-Prepended a checksum as part of the editorID to prevent duplicate editorIDs
-Default tint map is now Preset 3
Version 3.1.2
-Number of bugfixes when using smaller palettes
-Patcher should bail out per texture if it already has more than 20 colors (Meaning it probably wont let you patch the same stuff twice, but it will let you patch new stuff)
-Made tweaks to prepare for warpaint patching (Will allow you to drag a warpaint texture in and it'll rename and copy the file to an appropriate directory)
Version 3.1
-Re-included the missing/broken extension
Version 3.0
-Improved patching speed
-If multiple races are being patched in the same plugin, more CPU cores will be used
Version 2.9
-Fixed crashing that occurred on particular plugins.
Version 2.8
-Added fine tuning to what textures receive the tints, textures that do not have sliders are still excluded. The fine tuning will allow you to select which gender receives the tints, which tints will add additional colors, etc, this will allow for much smaller plugins, reducing the probability of loading screen hangs. Note when making changes to which textures are applied, remember to press the Apply button.
Version 2.7
-Fixed inserted record mis-ordering also no longer patches colors for textures that have no slider
Version 2.6
User friendly warnings/errors/successions:
-Warning displayed for possible data loss
-Warning displayed for an already patched plugin
-Error will occur when no races are selected
-Informational message will display when the save is complete
-Saving will now actually overwrite the mod, but create a backup first (Modname.esp.bak)
Version 2.5
-Direct color patching, no longer requires Extended Colors.esm when patching
Version 2
-Now has color scaling and will dynamically show you your generated palette.
Version 1.1
-Fixed it so it actually works, the master index was off by one by accident.

Help I installed the mod but it does nothing
Go to your race menu and check the race you installed/patched for, if you are using the NMM version that would be the vanilla races. If you still do not have a mountain of colors at your disposal on practically every slider then you likely have conflict. What is conflict? Well, it's when you have a mod that edits the same record this mod does (That means pretty much anything to do with a race, the text, the description, the spell traits), but since nothing happened, it means that mod was loaded AFTER this mod, therefore overriding the changes this mod makes completely. Please double check your load order, seriously, do that by closing NMM and re-opening it, IT IS NOT ALWAYS ACCURATE. Quadruple checked your load order and still having issues? Okay, did you patch? If you did, this means you can remove the original plugin you chose as a source, the patch will replace it. If you didn't patch but used the NMM version... Well your SOL because there is no other reason why it shouldn't be working.

Help my game crashes when I start but I'm not really sure its your mod!
So remove my mod and see if it still happens (Sometimes just un-ticking it is not enough)
IF IT DOES NOT then you are missing dependencies, which would be Extended Colors.esm, OR if you are not using the patcher, that would be your localization strings. Instant crashes involving plugins usually means your loading a plugin that has missing dependencies (Be it string files or dependent masters) Localization strings will have the same filename as the mod itself plus filename_LANGUAGE.DLSTRINGS, filename_LANGUAGE.ILSTRINGS, and filename_LANGUAGE.STRINGS
IF IT DOES... Then you have some other mod that is broken.

My game crashes when I change races
Race change selection crashes are not necessarily a fault of my mod when you have custom races, there are hundreds of reasons for crashing to occur with custom races. For example, if I have a race that uses custom meshes, but those custom meshes are only for female, and say the male mesh link was modified, but the mesh was not included, if I go to the race menu and I'm already female, it should load fine, but as soon as I switch to male my game will crash due to a missing mesh.

My race menu lags severely when opening it
Just wait a moment, there are a lot of colors for the crappy UI to load, if you have a multi-monitor setup and have a drive monitor you will notice your drive use spike, meaning your game is loading assets, IE all those damn colors BE PATIENT.

Help I have several custom races all using Full Selection and my game explodes
It's highly recommended you not have multiple color selection mods for multiple races (I recommend 2 at most, or use lighter versions) the garbage flash UI may get overloaded and crash, I've only had this happen once as I had three races using the Full Selection simultaneously.

Possible Conflicts
-Racial tweaks (Use the patcher on this mod instead then remove it)
-Custom Races (Same As Above)
-Facegen tweaks (Not sure why anyone would want this, but same as above)

The patcher was meant to expand the capabilities to other races. I can't guarantee it will work but I can say I use the exact same patcher on my own races and they have no issues. I can't say why people are having the common crash issues other than load order or conflict because I've never actually been able to reproduce these errors. It could be because I have an absurd about of RAM? I'm not sure. But if the mod works for me and the mod is not dependent on anything other than what is provided there is nothing more I can suggest.

How it began
Previously to get non-standard hair colors I would do the change race and sex trick to get colors like red, green, and purple. So I took a look at the Race record and found AHCF and AHCM, which were form ids of colors located in CLFM, so I figured that would take me one hell of a long time to add a whole bunch of colors so I took an old record reader/writer I had and made it generate plugins from a list of colors.

Too many colors to key through?
There are a LOT of colors, if you are having difficulty getting through them all, grab the slider with your mouse rather than using your keys and sitting there for a life time to get through them.

Why do most colors look brown on skin?
The mask method used for tints is not necessarily a color overlay, which results in a blending of the two colors as opposed to a complete recolor of the original texture.

Why is there no black?
There IS a pure black, it just may not LOOK pure black due to the tint mask blending with the original texture color, there isn't anything I can do about this unless the system has a way of changing the mask method.

Place the ESM/ESP in your Data directory or install with NMM, it's recommended to install with NMM as it is easier to change your mod load order, the ESP should be loaded last to ensure the mod works.

Mod is now localized, you will require string files in your Data/Strings directory, if you are using a language that is not supported by this mod, rename the suffix of your string files to the appropriate language.
Extended Selection_English.STRINGS
Extended Selection_Russian.STRINGS

WILL conflict with any mods that make changes to the races, I did not add the hair color to the children races to avoid possible conflict with the killable children mod.
DO NOT mix and match old and new versions and do not use multiple translations.

ONLY the ESM (The smaller file) may be used as a resource without my permission.
If you wish to use the ESP (The one that has all the slider changes) you must seek consent first.