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##Required DLC:Dragonborn & Dawnguard###
This mod is what you have custom voice of the Balin & Balan of "Hero Followers".

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish

Sorry,I am not good at English.
This is a machine translation.

English version is released. Thank you for waiting!!

####About this mod####
This mod is a custom voice for Balin & Balan of "Hero Followers".
They have special abilities and perform magic.
They are strong hero followers.
They are Japanese Custom Voices

Balin Japanese Voice actor: 猛大塚様
Balan Japanese Voice actor:須田一輝様
English Translator:ーMOEー様

■How to update
How to update from previous versions:

① Fire him.
② Save game data.
③ Uninstall the old version.
④ Save.
⑤ Install the new version. 
⑥ Restart the saved data.



<Essential matters of post-installation>
Please save and reload. Without doing this, you cannot communicate with him.




<If the conversation required for invitation does not appear…>
If the conversation required for invitation does not appear, please fix the order of the ESP with BOSS, etc.
・If you have introduced the EFFver4.0, the conversation menu does not appear.
 Please use the mind control if you are a EFF user.
 That way, you can hire the character while using EFF.

■Version Information

Ver 2.0
・I added Specific ability a Curse of Dragon
・It was to be able to get married(Same surname marriage is also possible!)
・added a lot of voices.

Ver 2.1
・ Changing the face texture
Ver 2.1 OPTION
When you feel that the sound of the voice is big, please use it
When you feel that it is strong, please use it.

・Voice setting bugfix(It speaks in Solstheim)
・Change the texture of the Underwear
・delete the Call of Valor

・Texture normal map bug fixes
・Perk setting bugfix

Upload Japanese version of the Previewed
・Additional Original Weapon.
・Add three lines of unreleased
・Suppress the speech of introduction of female followers after marriage
・Additional special abilities Luminous Saber

・Adjust the weapon of light source
・Upload the English version
・Texture patch additional Agateram

・Patch of  Agateram is corrected.

・Update The Agateram.
・It has created a Agateram_Patch! 
(Modify the texture specified weapon ※Please be sure to install )

・I changed the texture of face.
・Update The Agateram.
・A new follower Balan was added.
・Implemented inter-follower conversation.
・By enabling it from the dialogue of Balin and Balan, two people will use the skill if the player's health gets 70%.
・Modify transformation script
・Add conversation between followers
・Fix oldBalin

・English version release.


Essential and cannot die.
Marriage possible.

■Required DLC:Dragonborn And  Dawnguard
■Combat style:Two-handed,Heavy Armor.
■Perk:Two-handed,Heavy Armor,Block,and Light Foot.

■Location:Dragons Reach.
09:00 Dragons Reach
12:00 Dragons Reach (lunch in the hall)
13:00 Great porch and if sunny. Other weather Dragons Reach.
17:00 Dragons Reach (dinner in the hall).
19:00 Bernard-Mare.
02:00 Dragons Reach.
03:00 Great porch.
04:00 The training at Great porch.

■Specific ability:
1.THSofGods:Attack speed UP and both hands weapon damage UP of both hands weapon.
2.Dragon blood:Triggering When the HP falls below 20%, to strengthen the body by awaken the blood of Dragon. 
Increasing the damage of both hands weapon 50%, to give a defense value +75, the HP and 1000 to recover immediately.
3.Dragon Aspect of Balin it will activate the following HP80%
4.Curse of Dragon:Curse of Dragon will be effective during the Dragon Aspect.
It will take away the life force of the opponent. Lower the defense of hostile people.
5.Luminous Saber:Balin it will activate the following HP90%
6.By enabling it from the dialogue of Balin and Balan, two people will use the skill if the player's health gets 70%.

No CustomVoice version 「Hero Followers


Essential and cannot die.
No Marriage.

■Required DLC:Dragonborn And  Dawnguard
■Combat style:One-handed,Light Armor
■Perk:One-handed,Light Armor,Destruction,and Light Foot

Location:The Bee and Barb
09:00 Mara temple.
12:00 Riften of market
17:00 The Bee and Barb

Special magic:
1.Special Thunderbolt:High power Thunderbolt. In giving -20% lightning resistance.
2.Special Lightning Cloak:Lightning Cloak where the defense value to +100.
3.Morallta:Balan it will activate the following HP90%
4.By enabling it from the dialogue of Balin and Balan, two people will use the skill if the player's health gets 70%.

■Conversation events between followers
・It will be posted on the screen shot as a reference.

※Other Follower Update Planned

Special Thanks
borntoraisehell1979 - Private Squad V03
Skuld VoiceActor: 四ッ谷ちとせ ( )

okame28 - OK_Custom Voice Followers 
Airi VoiceActor:音枝優日 様(
Natasha VoiceActor:しぐれるぅ。 様(

Mi0108 - Rabi Follower_Japanese Custom Voice
Rabi Voice actor:ナユキユズ 様(

creation CustomVoice Igraine(Balin female version)

####Followers who come out to dialogue####
My Other MOD - Hero Followers
okame28 - Healer follower_Sela and Noemie
okame28 - Custom Voice Follower_Rosalie
okame28 - Human Beast Caravan
Mi0108 - Lamae Follower

Mi0108 - Mary Follower_Japanese Custom Voice
Mi0108Rabi Follower_Japanese Custom Voice
borntoraisehell1979 - Private Squad V03
Elza - El Follower Severini
thebigMuh - Tamrielic Lore - Chrysamere

####Recommended MOD####
Face Light by tktk1
MOD to strengthen the enemy.
MOD to control the friendly fire.
MOD to Specifies the home of  followers.
Nordic 2handed attack animations by cyh0405


Enhanced Character Edit by tktk1

 by Apachii

KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky 

Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces
 by Chris57

High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox

The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot

El Men's Underwear ver1.1 by Elza

Charge Spell by Withe01

Brows by Hvergelmir

Beards by Hvergelmir

Pretty Face for men by tktk

Witchers Silver Sword by Kimono - Standalone by backstept

Alendris - Blade of Winged Flame by jonathan0068

Black Overlord Armor by Newermind43 and deadellus 

Fine Face Textures for Men by urshi 

####Used for Screenshots####

RealVision ENB by SkyrimTuner

HRKENB - by hrk1025

HolyENB - - by hrk1025

Tamrielic Lore - Chrysamere
 by thebigMuh

K9 Armor

Warmonger Armory 
by Batmanna

Immersive Armors by Hothtrooper44

El Men's Underwear ver1.1 WIP by Elza

The Grim and Somber ENBS by WolfGrimDark

Assassin's Armour (vanilla and UNP)  by Elianora

DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy

Adorable Face by Lumina

The Eyes Of Beauty byGabriel Mailhot

KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky

UNP-FSC3 SILKY ZULU by skydevgru

Pretty Face by tktk1

saLa Hair Beta by tktk1

Katarina Armor by newermind43

Skyrim Scarves and Mufflers by cmdo


Snapdragon Prime ENB by tetrodoxin 

Rough Leather Armor by atomec 

####Special Thanks####
hrk1025 - AIRENB
borntoraisehell1979 - Private Squad V03
okame28 - Healer follower_Sela and Noemie
Mi0108 - Lamae Follower
Elza - El Men's Underwear ver1.1