The Forgotten Island by Aragorn58 aka Johng58
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Last updated at 17:00, 17 May 2017 Uploaded at 4:42, 29 Aug 2015

Voices Have  been added to the main characters

They have been graciously done by RopeSander 

If you have already played through the quests, and just want the added voices just download the newest version and
overwrite when asked.

But to get the full effect, play through again.

Please turn on Subtitles

If downloading for the first time, the Update is not needed

The Forgotten Island is a small quest mod that adds a new island off the coast of Tamriel. A group of Necromancers have hired some bandits to kidnap people and bring them to use for their experiments. In the first quest, Engar one of the last inhabitants of the island has asked the Dragonborn for help in stopping them. You must first stop the bandits and Engar will then suggest where the Necromancers are hiding so you can put an end to their practices. The quest is started after passing through the intersection of the bridge over the White River outside Whiterun and the road to Riverwood. A courier will deliver a note from Engar. The second quest will start after the first is complete, by Engar asking if you are interested in another adventure. It concerns a secret cave used by the Imperials used to hold weapons and treasure. The third quest is started via a note from Engar after passing through the intersection of the bridge out of Riverwood and the road to Whiterun.

I recommend installing with Nexus Mod Manager or the Mod Manager of your choice. Of course manual install is also an option. 

When installing latest update file, leave the island and save, then activate the update and over write when asked. You can then go to the island and explore, or just travel from the Pelagia farm outside Whiterun past the stables to Whiterun City gates, and then enter the Drunken Huntsman, and you will be greeted by Borlimir.

This mod has been tested with different level characters and is completely follower friendly. Cleaned with TES5Edit, and will work on existing saves as well as a new game. I suggest saving before activating the mod to make uninstallation easier if its not to your liking.

No longer needed with newest update or version. Uploaded a bug fix for quest 3 starting early. Main file is always required just download Forgotten Island update and overwrite if asked. Or select no if using NMM.

Thanks to Slothability for the vid.

The Forgotten Island is at 8:34 in the vid.

A walk through done by WollyMammouthGaming (Thanks) This was done for the SSE version but it is the same exact mod.