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Adds a spell to cause your character to automatically follow another NPC.

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So this is not a Cinematic walk or anything. This is a straight up "I can't be fucked to walk all the way to Kynesgrove myself so I'll just autofollow Delphine." mod. Then you can alt-tab out back to your pron or whatever it is that was more interesting than that.

It will give you a new spell called "Follow That Thing" as a lesser power. You target something, your character follows it until you press your JUMP key. When you first start following someone, they may/will get a little bit aways from you (typically 1000 units, roughly 50 feet, roughly 15 metres) before your character decides to catch up. 


It has a few issues that there is nothing I can really do about. Follower AI seems to be really shit if there is too much of an incline like mountains or steps. You may notice sometimes your character will stop and have to re-figure out where the target it is following went. This can manifest as three behaviours:

  • your character actually runs back a bit to get itself back on path, then run back to who it is following.
  • or it will stop, then start again, then stop again, then start again. 
  • or it will for some reason walk really really really really slow until it is able to figure out how to run.

I've tuned the Follow procedure the best I could to try and smooth out these glitches, but it is out of my hands now I think, because I have seen the exact same problems in other mods that take control of your character, and none have found a solution for truly smooth follow. In all these cases it should never truely lose who it is following and eventually be able to catch back up to them. So you will see problems like this in areas like around Haemar's Shame where it is super steep and rocky, and if following an NPC up the steps to Dragons Reach and the like.