Daedric Reaper Armor by Deserter X
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In order to equip both swords on your back you need Dual Sheath Redux by Neovalen.

If for any reason you can't find the crafting manual download AddItemMenu and add any items you like manually.

Bodyslide files work best with the latest OS standalone version BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente.

Due to the many transparencies of the female armor, blood spills appear in places they shouldn't.
Use the mod Enhanced Blood Textures and set the wounds duration to a minimum or 0.
This also fixes the issue with the blood on the hair.

If you plan to use only the male armor it doesn't matter what female body type if any you have installed.

For the recipes to appear in the crafting interface you need to have the Daedric smithing perk and the crafting manual in your inventory! The recipes will appear gradually with every piece of armor you craft and carry on you. The simple crafting version doesn't require any DLCs nor any perks. You only need the crafting manual in your inventory and you can find all the items under the Daedric category.

          Armor Parts               Crafting, Stats, Mats                 Theme Packs            Crafting Manual Location

Thank you!

A new craftable upgrade to the Daedric armor and sword.
Includes both male and female versions.
The new armor is lighter with better stats.
The sword is faster and lighter as well.
Role playing crafting system with progression.
Many hood options from faceless to various hair colors.
Plenty of customization for the female version. <3
Available for UNP, CBBE, CBBE BodySlide.

This is the sixteenth armor of a series of  mini armors and outfits. 
This one was a lot more complicated and demanding since for the first time I designed a male version as well.
Also for the first time ever I spent significant time to figure out how exactly the texturing of metals works.
I hope you enjoy it! :)

The idea of this series originated from Minidresses Collection mod by Tiwa44 who is doing an awesome job converting some of the long dresses to mini versions. The idea for this particular armor came from Tiwa44 as well. He continues his amazing work by converting the vanilla armors to mini versions. Check his mods out if you haven't already, they're pretty awesome! :)


- Simple Crafting
- Theme Packs
- CBBE, CBBE BodySlide
- German Translation
- High Quality Video

- UUNP Daedric Reaper by Gamefever

- MiniArmorsCollection - UNPB by gutris1

It's been almost a year and a half since I started modding and I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all the donations I have received. You guys are amazing and I'm so lucky to be part of this community. I try my best to learn and improve my mods with each new one and I hope this armor set will continue to offer you many hours of enjoyment and fun.

Body: DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
Face: The Ningheim Race by Seren4XX HelloSanta Urshi and co
Eyes: Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr Dave
Textures: Sporty Sexy Sweat - wet body skin texture by Xs2reality
Hair: KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky
Idles and Poses: Pretty Female Idles by Dualsun
Pretty Motion Package by Dualsun
Walking/Running: The TBBP animation of Dragonfly with butt bounce
ENB: RealVision ENB by SkyrimTuner

If you want to use any of the non vanilla meshes of this mod please credit/contact the original creators listed bellow. Anything else you can use freely at Skyrim Nexus as long as you credit my work in the comments.

Cuirass UNP Spice Gear Collection by tiwa44
Skirt Dragons Crown Sorceress Outfit for UNP by Backsteppo
Choker R18Pn Set - Inner Wear Set for UNP and CBBEV3 by NPR
Leggings UNP Undies by Petrovich

Many thanks to

Tiwa44 for giving permission for the female cuirass and for helping with the mesh.

The team behind BodySlide 2 & Outfit Studio - Without which the CBBE versions would not have been possible.

Ousnius for all the time he has spent offering help and tips on using Outfit Studio and for making the CBBE conversions.

VRDaphni for the Nakysa companion, she is lovely! :)

NightRaid91 for making the empty hood.

Stenvar for climbing all those stairs! :D

TKHBMVP for the German translation. Nexus Resources, Steam Resources

Bethesda that made all this possible.