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Fixes the invisible arms in the Armor of Yngol female mesh.

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Armor of Yngol 1.4 has a bug where the arms on the female model are inpartially invisible. In the comments, Bordraw pointed out the problem:
So I did some fiddling and figured out why the arms on the female version of the armor are invisible, you have an alpha property branch on them that shouldn't be there and makes them invisible. Also, you should really include shins in the mesh for the cuirass, right now if you wear it without boots your shins turn invisible.

Also, in order for the actual texture to show, you have to set "Has Vertex Colors" under the NiTriShapeData for the arms to true.
I couldn't add on the shins, but I did fix the alpha property branch and set Has Vertex Colors to True. Witcher5688 has given permission in his comments and in his mod permissions for fixes, particularly this fix, to be uploaded. The original file is required! Just drop this on top of it.