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If your desire has always been to be able to play skyrim, as realistically as possible, this is the ENB for you, LUCERNE ENB

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First I apologize for the bad english, I'm italiano.Lucerne ENB, was created to make the lighting of Skyrim as realistic as possible, and not only that, the colors are not altered too much, I tried to make them more or less balanced with the original ones, the lighting is inspired by that of ENB Opethfeldt, the nights are dark enough, but just install the mods torch or lantern, all to make the atmosphere more realistic, this is my first ENB that public here on the nexus, and this is the first version, so in the future there may be updates, I will support this ENB as long as possible, if you have any problem do not hesitate to ask questions, and I'll try to help you, thank you everyone who have made this possible, good FPS with both the preset extreme, both with that performance,if you want to add some videos, just ask,have fun....

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               >>>>> ATTENTION <<<<<
Video version Lucerne ENB 2.0

Video version Lucerne ENB 1.0

Lucerne ENB is very easy to install :

In version 2.0 does not have to install more Realistic lighting overhaul

- Download the rar file Lucerne ENB
- Choose from preset extreme or performance (performance is not the DOF and ambient occlusion)
- Extract all the root of skyrim
- Download the latest binaries of, I am using v0.279, and copy the files and        d3d9.dll enbhost.exe, and copy them to the root folder of skyrim
-  Sure it is active file Lucerne Weather.esp
- Have fun and enjoy

To open the console of enb press ctrl + page down

  Open enblocal.ini the root of skyrim, and enable the   "FixParallaxBugs = false" to "FixParallaxBugs = true"

In version 2.0 does not have to install more Realistic lighting overhaul

- Vivid Clouds and Fogs

 Edit your SkyrimPrefs.ini:
- fGamma=1.16000
- bFloatPointRenderTarget=1
- bDeferredShadows=1
- bTreesReceiveShadows=1
- bDrawLandShadows=1
- bShadowsOnGrass=1
- Disable Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering in your 
graphics card's Control Panel

Only with version 2.0

All weather mods are INCOMPATIBLE with this preset including :

- Climates of Tamriel

- Pure Weathers

- Realistic Lighting Overhaul

Enhanced Lights and FX

- Particle patch all-in-one installation
- Subsurface scattering patch
- Skyrim Flora Overhaul v2.3
- Unbelievable Grass Two - Ultra Edition
- Realistic Water Two
- Enhanced Distant Terrain
- Static Mesh Improvement Mod
- Vivid Landscapes - All in One - 4K 
- Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One 
- People have Torches
- Wearable Lanterns 
- A Quality World Map
- Ultimate HD Fire Effects 
- Skyrim HD - Terrain Parallax Tribute - Skyrim HD - Terrain Parallax Tribute - Roads 2k
- Realistic HD Mushrooms
- Enhanced Blood Textures
- Detailed Terrain and Tree LoD 
- 83Willows 101BUGs V4_1 HighResolution
- Get Snowy - Get Snowy V4-2
- Real Ice
- 4K Quality Snow HD
- aMidianBorn Caves and Mines 2k
- The Dance of Death 4-0 Beta - Ultimate Edition
- Immersive Armors v7
- Cloaks of Skyrim 
- ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks
- Immersive Weapons
- Weapon_Retexture_Project
- JaySuS Swords V13C
- ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full
- aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Creatures
- Cover Woods 4096
- Footprints 
- Hires Road Signs 
- Realistic HD Misc - Realistic HD Misc QUALITY VERSION
- Skyrim 2015 Shaders by Pfuscher - 1.4
- Vivid Landscapes - All in One - 4K 
- Phenderix Magic Evolved 
- Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim - Apocalypse v802
- Midas Magic  Spells for Skyrim FIXED - MidasSkyrim - Fixed 1_0_4
- Colorful Magic - Colorful Magic v1_26 -Whiterun Edition-
- A Matter of Time
- Dual Sheath Redux
- Main Font Replacement 
- RaceMenu v3
- Realistic Magical Impacts - Realistic Magical Impacts V3
- Realistic Ragdolls and Force
- Tytanis - Farming - Mounts - Crafts - Spells - Items - MORE 
- Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
- Unofficial Dragonborn Patch
- Unofficial Skyrim Patch
- Immersive Music
- Immersive Sounds - Magic
- Double Torch Radius-9605-1-0

All credits go to:
I thank all these people, for making me create this ENB
- Boris Vorontsov 
- Opethfeldt
- Machok
- Bronze316
- r6angel
- Kilobytez95
- Mindflux
- ZeroKing
- Miratheus
- MTichenor/IndigoNeko
- Matso
- Trillville
- Midhras
- Kyokushinoyama
- Insomnia
- --JawZ--
- McFly
- Jafin16 
- ConfidenceMan