Aibellia island - Tropical screenshot environment by Xs2reality
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About the modder

A modder's pride comes from being recognized by your work.
Since you clicked this mod, I'm gonna assume you enjoy the lighter (sexier) side of modding.

My previous two mods were the first of their kind,and became more successful than I could have ever hoped.

Sporty Sexy map - the very first sporty / toned muscle map for females than spawned a few (approved) off-spring
Sporty Sexy Sweat - a mod that enabled sweat beads to be visible on your characters skin

With two mods in the "Adult top 100" list you'd expect that I would continue that trend :) But it seems that there is little additional sexiness to add to Skyrim that hasn't already been done.

I recently picked up on tweaking Skyrim again and eventually made the foundations for this small island mod.

About this mod
Aibellia island is specifically made for screenshotting purposes. It combines several resources done by other modders who deserve all the credit.
It contains hammocks, surfboards, beds, beach chairs and more are placed in a relatively tasteful manner in the tropical environment.

Important to know is that this is a flawed and non-finished, non lore-friendly mod that I've created solely for myself.
The mod is functional and will be hopefully be used as screenshot environment by many of you.
However, it will never be a complete player home / island, nor will there be any quests of any story related elements. Bug reports are welcome but don't expect them to be fixed unless they're bothered by me :)

For this reason I made NO ACCESS point in the the Skyrim world and you can only access this by using the console. Type in the following command in the ~ console to go to this separate world space.

How to use this mod
- open console ~
- type "COW Aibellia 0 0"


- Main patio with bed in center without activator (use FNIS)
- Patio foliage roof is toggeable
- South private beach bay with several surfboards with collission plane stair for easy access
- North terrace with some chairs
- East beach with several parasols, towels and beach chairs
- East terrace with toggeable sunroof and two beach beds
- West platform with bed surrounded by water
- West terrace with bed and bathtub
- three hammocks with collission plane stair for easy access
- Special lights that appear only at night :)

BUGS / FLAWS - In no particular order of severity
  • Waves are darker than the greenish tint from the tropical sea. There animated meshes are from the dragonborn DLCand get their color through vertex coloring. If somebody with more 3d experience can fix this, please!
  • NPC cannot access the West platform despite being correctly navmeshed. Most likely it's because the platform floats in the water.
  • Use of collission plane based stairs to access surfboards. They are only accessible from the sides.
  • The night lights can cause lens flares to occur due to their whiteness. Best is just to temporarily hit SHIFT+ENTER to access the ENB quick menu and disable the lens feature

Q: It doesn't look like your pictures!
A: Download the latest version, if it's still different it can either be a bug or a setting such as ENB. Most objects and textures are in the package so should not conflict with anything.

Q: There's nothing to do here!
A: Nope, just to relax and screenshot.

Q: Please make an easy access to this island
A: Maybe in the future. Besides, I thought it to be so lore-unfriendly that I don't need it in my regular game.

Q: what's with the half floating surfboards?
A: They were positioned to be used with a certain position from the mod "GomaperoPose2" pose #32
    The other surfboard have a collision plane inserted so you can stand on them.

Q: The night lights cause too many lens flares!
A: The night lights can cause lens flares to occur due to their whiteness. Best is just to temporarily hit SHIFT+ENTER to access
the ENB quick menu and disable the lens feature

Credits and thanks
This mod could have never been made without the work of several pioneer modders. Being unable to work with the original object names, nif naming and texture path naming, I ended up renaming all objects and copying the nif files under a separate name into my own directory.

This was never meant as a disrespect to the original creators as I deeply bow to them. I believe I listed everybody but should I have forgotten anyone, please do let me know.

A legendary modder with an amazing trackrecord. I can't seem to open up a mod and NOT see Tamira's resources used :)

She has 51 mods active on the Nexus... just let that sink in for a second. 'nuff said.

A legendary modder who cannot get enough credit. Go there, now!

MJY made The Mysterious island - one of the first tropical island mods which I used for screenshotting my previous mods.

j2547 - parasol and beach chairs
mrpdean - garden divider
Mr_Siika - seagulls
Fadril - beach straw roof
Ripp88 - beach towels

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