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This mod aims to repopulate Haafingar by adding several small settlements, aiming for more immersion and more interesting gameplay in the province.

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Haafingar Expanded

Have you thought how did the nords manage to build so much without a single stone quarry? Did you ever wonder how does the trade keep running without trade posts? Did you wonder why are there so many roads that lead to nowhere? Did you wonder how does the population of Skyrim manage to live on a dozen or so farms?

This mod aims to address these question in relation to the Haafingar hold, attempting to provide an immersive "economy" which will give the hold some production capabilities, and at least partially outline a potentially sustainable production from Haafingar hold. From version 1.1 and onwards, this mod uses USLEEP and thus requires the legendary edition.

This mod contains: 
  • Hraggstad Quarry - a stone quarry with 4 NPCs (supplying stone as building material throughout Haafingar)
  • Pinefrost Hunting Lodge - a house with 2 hunter NPCs living in it and hunting in the nearby area (producing some food for the frozen hold)
  • Northcoast Trading Post - a trading post with a harbour and about 8 NPCs (acting as a re-supply area for ships and caravans going to High Rock, as                                              well as produces some livestock and fishing)
  • Kjardarr's Farm - a small family farm west of dragonbridge
  • Ignar's Camp - a camp of lumberjacks near the clearpine pond
  • Zhalti's Camp - another lumberjack camp near the Bruca's Leap Redoubt

video by: Nozi87
As far as I am aware this should not contflict with any mods.


NB: Version 1.0 requires only Vanilla Skyrim and USKP.

Use the NMM or extract the contents of the .zip into your Skyrim/data directory.

 In the long run, I plan to connect this mod with my other mod, the Solitude Expansion, creating joint quests to add content to this largely remote and forgotten hold. I also plan to do similar mods in other holds, giving emphasis on what produce is likely to be most efficent in that area.

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