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zzjay and Undeadgoblin

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Adds multiple colour variants from zzjay's Witcher 3 Female Armours mod.

Permissions and credits

No Requirement, the latest update is standalone, but I recommend the original for some extra variety.


The original mod so that you have extra colour variants to play with.
Witcher 3 Yennefer and Triss armors


Just download with manager, or install manually as you normally would with most other mods.
There is a strongbox outside Whiterun in the same location as zzjay's strongbox, check images for more info.

-Known Issues-

With the new standalone version of this mod, there is an issue that the colours will not display correctly while in first person, this is an issue I could not find a fix for, you guys are more than welcome to re upload a fix if you can find a way.

Fix for this issue by Mentha -


Credit to Kobalk for creating Rampage ENB (Used in all screenshots, modified version)

Credit to zzjay for allowing anyone to reuse assets from the original mod.
Credit to Mentha for creating a first person fix.


zzjay's own words:

You can use PARTS of this mods,as long as it respects CDProjekt's policy of FREE CONTENT.
you can for example make followers using these armors,make retextures,conversion...on nexus and other sites.
I won't be working any more on this mod,so it's your turn now :)