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Three standalone followers.

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Another release of standalone followers this is the Princesses series, all-in-one.

Name: Melody
Age: 25
Class: sword and shield
Prefered armour: Light
Spells: Oakflesh - Dragonhide.
Perks: Magic Resistance, Light foot, Conditioning, Armsman, Shield Wall, Juggernaut, Stealth, Mage Armor etc.
Weight 100 Height 0.97
Marriable, voice=Young and Eager

Name McKaylar
Age: 21
Class: Mage Elemental
Spells: Lightning Bolt, Frostbite, Ice Spike, Flames, Firebolt, Wards-, Healing, Oakflesh - Dragonhide (no area spells) etc.
Perks: Magic Resistance, Destruction, Alteration, Illusion, Mage Armor, Stealth, Light foot etc
Prefered armour: Light
Weight 100 Height 0.96
Marriable, voice=Young and Eager

Name Monika
Age: 18
Class: Dual Wield
preferred armor: Light
Spells: Healing, Wards-, FastHealing, Conjure Familiar, Oakflesh - Dragonhide.
Perks: Dual Furry, Magic Resistance, Light foot, Conditioning, Armsman, Shield Wall, Juggernaut, Agile Defender, Stealth, Mage Armor etc.
Weight 100 Height 0.96

All three:
Marriable, voice=Young and Eager, Essential, auto-level.

They have their own body shapes and textures created with BodySlide 2 and Texture Blend with HDT.
Their armors are retextured and repackaged dresses from UNP Minidresses Collection (UNP-BBP). They uses magic armor to boost their armor ratings.
They have the basic Iron weapons so feel free to give them their weapons of your choice.

Location: Sleeping Giant Inn, Riverwood

EDIT: Dragonsreach starting point version added

HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT

Feel free to leave a comment

(No panties texture)
the transparent panties texture is in ~data/textures/actors/character/DJQFOllowers/DJQPrincesses1/armor
just replace the with either the transparent or coloured texture and yes they are real blondes ...
EDIT: No Panties patch added.

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