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An attempt at preventing the automatic reloading of crossbows. Fully event-based with no constantly running scripts.

Permissions and credits

Reasonable reloading makes reloading crossbows work manually instead of automatically. The mod is fully event-based and has no constantly running scripts. Automatic crossbows are also supported, and messages about the number of remaining bolts can be printed should the user so wish. There is also a reset button in case the mod gets too bugged somehow. Before using this mod, however, do note that I am not an experienced Papyrus scripter and that the mod might have all sorts of issues. Also note that the mod will not be of professional quality. If you want more features, or a more tested mod with the same functionality, or just want it from someone who knows what he is doing, you can, for example, use Manual Crossbow Reload - Ammunition and Reloading Overhaul by JZBai. At least it is known to work, unlike this one. In fact, it was the inspiration for this mod here, and existed long before this one. So do try something else, and do not download this mod unless you are ready to run into bugs! Thank you.

The mod also silences original crossbow reloading sounds from both Dawnguard and Immersive Sounds Compendium. This is intended to fix an issue with reloading sounds playing even after the animation had been stopped. Reloading sounds are now played only upon pressing the reload hotkey, and the crossbow reloading sounds from Immersive Sounds Compendium are included in the mod with permission from lazyskeever. If you do not yet have Immersive Sounds Compendium, I would definitely recommend it - while it is not required for this mod, you should definitely have it if you want a great audio experience for Skyrim! In my purely subjective opinion, of course. Do give it a try.

Should you wish to use some other sounds for reloading, you should copy and rename two reloading sounds - slower one intended for use without the Quick Shot perk, faster one with it - to the two paths below so that they will be played upon reloading. And do remember to make it so that they overwrite the ones from this mod, in case you make a separate "mod" for the thing in something like Mod Organizer:
  • ...Data\Sound\fx\ReasonableReloading\wpn_crossbow_reload_01.wav
  • ...Data\Sound\fx\ReasonableReloading\wpn_crossbow_reload_quickshotperk_01.wav


  • Dawnguard DLC
  • Skyrim Script Extender
  • SkyUI
  • SkyUILib
  • PapyrusUtil - Modders Scripting Utility Functions
  • Campfire - Complete Camping System


The mod does not directly modify any records, and it might conflict with other mods that concentrate on crossbow reloading. Fully compatible with automatic crossbows, tested with the ones from J3X here on the Nexus. From version 1.0.9 onwards, the mod is also fully compatible with killmove mods such as VioLens.

Concerning Requiem: it has been reported that this mod reverts reloading speed back to default, and that it is an engine issue. So if you use Requiem, be prepared to face a default reloading speed. And if you use Requiem, turn up the unequip delay in MCM menu (0.3 has been recommended), so that the mod will not unequip your bolts before they have been fired.

Installation & Removal

To install this mod, a mod manager would be recommended, preferably Mod Organizer. Install after Immersive Sounds Compendium. Manual installation is not supported. Uninstallation is never supported. Uninstalling Skyrim mods in the middle of a playthrough can cause issues. If you need to learn how to install mods (and also learn more about mods in general, savegames, the game and such), you can probably find several guides on the Internet. Load order does not matter for this mod.

Updating can break things. It should work by overwriting the files, but in case it does not, you could try using Hadoram's utility to help you achieve a relatively "new-like" install scenario even when updating. Also remember to perfrom any standard cleaning with the utility for the sake of your savegame. Still, it might not be able to fix everything, so as always when modding, be careful. As of version 1.0.9 the mod contains the following scripts:
  • _CX_RR_MCMScript

Known Issues & Bugs

See the bugs section of the mod page for bugs. The bugs section tab is right next to the comments section tab. Should you find any bugs or something else that clearly should not be there, do be so kind as to report it in the bugs section. It might also be a good idea for people considering whether to use this mod to see what bugs have been reported.


Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit
The authors of Skyrim Script Extender
The authors of SkyUI
The authors of SkyUILib
The authors of PapyrusUtil
JZBai for Manual Crossbow Reload, the main source of inspiration for this one
Chesko for Campfire and Campfire Dev Kit
MrJack/mrpwn for Sublime Papyrus
cdcooley for sharing his scripting knowledge on the forums
lazyskeever for Immersive Sounds Compendium, and allowing me to use the reload sounds from it
J3X for Automatic Crossbows and explaining how they work
ArturoPlayerOne for valuable feedback and testing
badluckartist for inspiration to the sound issue fix
Octopork for reminding me of the necessary unequip delay change when using Requiem
thetrader for informing me of the reload speed issue with Requiem
zelazko for reporting the killmove mods incompatibility
Paulicus1 for reporting the issue with the mod unequipping bolts when drawing an already loaded crossbow


See the permissions button just below the images.