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Experimental lightweight event-driven manual crossbow reload mod.

Permissions and credits
Reasonable Reloading is an experimental manual crossbow reload mod, designed to be event-driven, script-based, lightweight and unobtrusive. The mod functions by listening for item equip and animation events and reacting to those as they happen. Please note, however, that I am not an experienced Papyrus scripter and the mod will not be of professional quality. If you want to use something more reliable or tested for your crossbow reload needs, please have a look at Manual Crossbow Reload - Ammunition and Reloading Overhaul by JZBai. Thank you.


The mod does not directly modify any records, but it might conflict with other mods that modify crossbow reloading.

Installation & Removal

To install this mod, a mod manager would be recommended. Uninstallation is never supported. Load order does not matter. When updating the mod, I would recommend using Hadoram's utility to clean the items from this mod from your savegame.

Known Issues & Bugs

The mod always unequips the current bolt when leaving a menu. This is because it assumes that the current bolt was not equipped upon opening
the menu and would therefore result in reload animation upon exit.