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An airship, Ready to use in your mod

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This is an asset for a mod i'm currently working on.
This file will be updated if i make changes/Improvements whatever

Before using it, you have to send me (cad435) a post or message and notify me you'll use it, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR RESPONSE! And please credit me if you use it.
(I simply wan't to know where it's used :) )

The Main-mesh is based on a mesh created by "muppetpuppet" (from "Moonpath to Elsweyr"), its NOT based on the mesh from "Dev Aveza" (by Deapri)!
In fact, Deapri also uses the mesh from muppetpuppet and created it's own overhauled version. The both meshes are different (Just look at the ropework!).

V1.1 is up
  • Fixed a critical collision bug, that allows you to get stuck in the wooden dragon at the front. (somehow C4D didn't connect 2 vertices, seems the motion-solver from Creation-Engine struggles with that..)
  • Due to various comments "we want an Interior" i decided to make a trapdoor, in sync with the floating animation from the airship (to use it, see instructions below!)

V1.2b is up
  • Fixed some mesh-bugs, flipped some normals, new texture for the Dragonhead, you can easily retexture it now with a CK-TextureSet
  • New Meshes: 4 Ladders (Left+Right animated, Left+Right static) wich you can place as activator or door to climb (eg. teleport) yourself up!
  • NOTE: Some mesh names have changed, and all meshes are now inside a folder called "Airship" for better handling!

V1.5 is up
  • remade some UV-Meshes

You may not using this for making money IN ANY WAYS!

I've completely broken up the original mesh and reworked it, correcting lots of vertice and normal errors.
Coming with a brand new baloon, new collision mesh and completely new rope system as well as an animated engine and optional floating animations 

Added a rotating engine, based on the Lakeview Manor Kit fanmesh (see Credits)

Whats inside:

 - Static Ship, with no animation and no engine
 - Ship with rotating engine, ship has no move
 - Ship with floating animation, rotating engines and already attached anchors 
 - Two Anchor Meshes, one ready to attach it to the static ship
 - A mesh to load the Airship (its mapped with a sand texture, you can use CK texturesets to load sth else)
 - (NEW V1.1) Trapdoor to connect the floating ship with an interior (interior NOT included!)
 - (NEW V1.2) 4 Ladders (Left+Right animated, Left+Right static) wich you can place as activator or door to climb (eg. teleport) yourself up!

Installing the Trapdoor/Ladders: The Pivot-Points from "Airship_Anim.nif" and Trapdoor/Ladder nif's are aligned. To get it work correctly, inside the CK the trapdoor have to be the same position as the floating ship - make sure "Random Anim Start" is NOT ticked, and they are in sync.  

If you have installed the Showcase .esp, open the console and type "coc cadAirshipCell" (without "")

In case you tweaking, optimizing or editing any of the meshes, if you found a bug, error or have a suggestion/question, PLEASE NOTIFY ME!


mrpdean for Lakeview Manor Evolution - Modders Resource Version (I used the fan mesh, but again I edited it)
muppetpuppet who created the original Mesh