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A playable custom race similar to the Na’vi from James Cameron’s Avatar movie. This is not for profit and should be considered as my way of paying homage to an amazing movie by an extremely talented director.

Permissions and credits

A playable custom race similar to the Na’vi from James Cameron’s Avatar movie, and changes all Forsworn to Na'vi.  Also has a Race and armor only version.  This is not for profit and should be considered as my way of paying homage to an amazing movie by an extremely talented director.

The 1.3 version is mostly untested and I have no idea how it will interact with other mods, if you want to test it you are more than welcome to do that and provide your feedback.  If you are risk adverse or have any concerns then you may be better off sticking with the 1.3B version which only adds race and armors and should be safe.

This is essentially still a work-in-progress, with literally a thousand things that need to be added or fixed. It is being uploaded now purely for the pleasure of the Avatar fanatics, so that they can check it out and mess around with it while I continue to work toward finishing the project.
It will receive periodic updates when significant new content becomes available.
What's in the files?

contains Navatar.esm and Navatar.bsa and will not overwrite anything other than Navatar - easy to install and easy to uninstall.
Adds Na'vi race, and some unique Na'vi versions of armor and clothing that can be crafted only at Na'vi Forsworn camps, and converts all Forsworn to Na'vi race.  If you are playing as Na'vi you can enter their camps without being attacted.

1.3B contains Navatar.esm and Navatar.bsa and will not overwrite anything other than Navatar - easy to install and easy to uninstall.  Adds race and armor and clothing only, does not touch Forsworn or any NPCs.  Armor and clothing can be crafted at any forge.

The following files are not recommended for inexperienced modders and could be problematic.  They would only be necessary if you are using the 1.3 version and getting the pink face bug with the Forsworn.  You should think carefully before installing them and you might be better off just using the 1.3B version  
FaceGenData file  loose files must be installed manually.  Only use this if you are using the 1.3 version and the Forsworn faces are pink instead of blue.

HumanForswornFaceGenData file  loose files must be installed manually.  Use this to overwrite the FaceGenData file when uninstalling Navatar to change Forsworn faces back to human.


Body mod compatibility
It was made with UNP female and Sundracon male meshes,so they are recommended, but are not absolutely necessary because textures do work with the default bodies as well.

Not 10 feet tall. A little more than 10 feet tall as of 1.3 version. There are some issues with some animations being a little bit off because of the height of the race.
Physical Characteristics
Na’vi nose – by way of a new shape key added to the Headraces.tri files
Na’vi ears - added as an extra head part
4 digit hands and feet
Tail with a tuft of hair on tip
Long braid hair extending from back of head
Glowing dots on face and body

Starting Stats  (this may be changed in future – open to suggestions)
Archery         10
Alchemy          5
Light Armor     5
Sneak              5
One-handed    5
Two-handed    5

Powers and Abilities(current not final – open to suggestions)
Ability - Armored skin - Na'vi armored skin grants a base <52> armor rating and increases +1 per level
Ability - Natural Movement - Move quietly while outside 
Power - Na’vi Vanity - Opens the Limited Race Menu for cosmetic editing of character.  Equips with voice
Lesser Power - Mystic Sight - detect life  Added in 1.3 version

Armor and clothing added in 1.3

Na'vi armor and clothes can only be crafted at Na'vi/Forsworn camps.


Face tint for Na'vi Forsworn
If you have the FaceGenData face tint textures and or the facegeom nifs unpacked as loose files then you will probably have pink faces on your Na'vi Forsworn.  If this happens download and install manually the FaceGenData file letting it overwrite your loose files, this will only effect forsworn faces.

The Hair

So far I have only added one of the hairs from the Oblivion version of this mod and it still needs some work – has some funky stuff happening in different lighting conditions and could do with a touch up on some of the weight painting.
All other hair is vanilla with a long braid attached as an extra part. Because of the different position of the Na’vi ear the hair clips into the ears and doesn’t look so good.  All those meshes need to be edited and so far I have only done a few.  All hair has been adjusted for the position of the Na'vi ear but still needs adjusted for clipping into armor on back.
The male and female are using 20 hairs each and each hair has 2 meshes and each mesh has a tri file, so
that is 80 meshes to be edited and 80 new tri files to be created.  That’s a lot of work and it will take a serious amount of time.

Face Coloring
Specifically the color sliders in the race menu.  Currently they are the same as the Breton, which doesn’t work very well with blue skin.  Reds and pinks don’t work, it needs to be blues and greens, yellow also works as it can look like a primitive face paint.  For now I suggest not to use that part of character creation, just keep those sliders at neutral.
Morphing body weight
It mostly works, but the female feet go floppy when you go to extreme 1 position on weight slider.  Its fine from zero to .point 9, just don’t go to the 1 position.  There could be other morphing problems but that’s the only one I’ve seen.
  All body parts and included armor should be morphing correctly.
Default Female mouth
It doesn’t normally use a race tri file, but I added one for the female Na’vi to eliminate clipping on the chin.  It fixed the problem and seems to have had no ill effect on other races, but other races are using that same head part so it is something I want to keep an eye on for any problems.
Not an issue
Glowing Dots
Dots were not morphing with the male body so they have been removed until I figure out the problem.  They were done in the same way as the female and the female works, so it is a bit of a mystery. Also male and female are using the same dot texture on the face, which was really just done for a test
to see if it would work, so new textures need to be created.
Eye Brows
The male hasn’t got any yet,I need to edit the tri file so it wont clip before I enable them.  The female has them working but in my opinion they just don’t look right, so they need to be re-done.
Currently no Vampire support.  The way vampire works is just to duplicate the base race and designate it as a vampire then add a couple of lines of code to the vampire scripts.  I see no reason to do that until the base race is finalized, otherwise I would just be making more work for myself.  When the base race is finished then I will add vampire support. I've added the scripts and it should work but have not tested it.
Body Textures
Body textures are not yet final, could use some improvement.
As well as needing more color options I’ve been experimenting with larger eyes, and haven’t really made up my mind on what I am going to do there.  The male eyes are 125% increased on the Z axis, this was done in the race tri file and I’m not too impressed with how they look.  The female has normal size eyes except for eye 28 which was also increased 125% on Z axis, only it was done with the CharGen tri file,  and looks more impressive.  Editing the CharGen tri is a lot more work but maybe it’s worth it.

Na’vi female with eye #28

There are probably a lot of other things I’m forgetting here, but these are the most pressing issues.


Feature - The Bling Slider
just something you should know about
 It’s really the facial hair slider but I’m calling it the bling slider, it’s something I’m experimenting with.  Since I don’t plan on having facial hair for the race, what I’ve been doing is assigning other meshes to that slider.  Stuff like hair ornaments, headbands, glasses.  I haven’t included very much of it in this release, but in the future I plan on adding a lot of unique character customization items there.  More beads and feathers, piercings, nose rings, maybe even some steampunk type stuff. The only down side of this is that items added there, because they need to be designated as facial hair, are not removed by helmets.  Of course the Na’vi vanity power is there for instant customization and flexibility with character appearance.

The Bling Slider
Future Optional Plugins not yet implemented
Na’vi Foresworn This has been done in 1.3 as part of the main file, I will release a race only version for anyone who does not want the Na'vi Forsworn.
Will turn all foresworn into Na’vi.  This is a big deal for me; it’s something I really wanted.  This is also the reason we need all the low poly vanilla hair, if we are going to have a lot of na’vi NPCs then we need to be sure they don’t have a negative impact on performance.  I know that not everyone would want this feature, so that’s why it will be optional.
Alternate Magic System
I haven’t really worked this out yet, but I want to start the Na’vi with zero manna and have their manna regeneration set to zero.  What I’m thinking is to have the Na’vi get all their manna through alchemy buffs.  Make it so if you are playing as a Na’vi and you add manna with a potion, its effect would drain away very slowly, like 2 or 3 game days.  So you could acquire a very large pool of manna, but you have to keep searching out rare ingredients to do it.   
Alternate tattoo set
Will replace some of the tattoos I don’t like with ones that I do like. Also it will designate some of those tattoos as dirt textures which will allow multiple tattoos.  And yes I know you can already have multiple tattoos with the Race Menu mod, but this will give some of that to players who don’t use SKSE.
Hair Mod Compatibility
Will allow Na’vi to use hair from other mods and add the Long Braid to them.
Become an Avatar

Will let you become a Na’vi while playing as a different race.  I have already created some of the static meshes for this and the scripting is similar to something I've already done in another mod, so really no problem.

Adding all this stuff really depends on how much time I have to get everything done. I really want to be finished with this mod before Fallout 4.  After that I might migrate to the waste land and take this mod with me.  :)

Avatar Chambers                                                                                     Human Interface Pod

A Moddable mod
Navatar Is an ESM (master) which allows you to make changes to it with an esp.  This is not just for me to make plugins for it, but also anyone else who wants to make changes.  Although I will not give permission to Re-upload the ESM or cannibalize Navatar and re-use any of its parts, I have no objections to anyone uploading their own esps that are dependent on the Navatar master and making any changes or additions you want to make.

If you want to change the starting stats, or have different racial powers, fine by me. You can do that and upload your changes.

Want to do a Na’vi Perk Tree? Go for it.

Want to make a Na’vi follower? Please do.

Don’t like my body textures and think you can do better? Prove it.

That’s it for now. Enjoy.