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Version 1.4.0

Enhanced Landscapes 
is a project which aims to improve Skyrim's landscape with more objects. This includes floral objects, rocks, ruin clutter and a lot of other landscape assets. This also aims to improve the distant appearance of mountains, cliffs and other rock formations. Requires DynDOLOD to generate proper Distant- and TreeLODs.

Requirement: Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD by Sheson

Version 1.4.0 doesn't contain its own trees anymore. Use either Skyrim Flora Overhaul or Enhanced Vanilla Trees, since these mods are far better and have better LodGen billboards, so they will look a lot better as the trees I made for version 1.3.0. Enhanced Vanilla Trees is highly recommended for its 3D Lods.

Mountains Enhanced
One of Enhanced Landscapes main features is the enhancement/improvement of Skyrims mountains with more objects and a better distant appearance. I've added thousands of rock/mountain objects all around Skyrim to completely overhaul the vanilla mountain appearance, the result is stunning, the mountains of Skyrim never have looked better.

Throat of the World
The Throat of the World was overhaul by adding more mountain/rock objects and removing most of the trees. This makes the Throat of the World look like a real mountain.

Pine Forest
The vanilla forests of Skyrim aren't really what you would call forests. Enhanced Landscapes adds hundreds of trees all over Skyrim, increases existing ones in size and makes forests feel much more dense/lush and realistic. The mod also comes with its own tree addon. I also made the forests around falkreath a lot denser and increased the tree sizes, it looks a lot better now.

Autumn Forest

The Rift got a big overhaul with colored/autumn-inspired aspen trees, a lot more floral objects and a lot of landscape improvements. In my opinion the aspen forests looked too monotonous, so I overhauled them with unqiue colored autumn trees to make this fantasy world more beautiful and varied. You can choose between colored autumn trees and green spring trees in the installer, texture size is 2048x2048, which will look good and also have an minimal impact on performance.

Hjaalmarch Enhanced
The vanilla marsh is a great area but lacks in uniqueness, so Enhanced Landscapes overhauls the marsh region with more floral objects and ruin clutter to make this area a lot more beautiful and unique. There are also two optional files available for this region of Skyrim: "Barren Marsh" and "Dead Marsh". The Barren Marsh plugin removes almost all trees from the marsh and gives this region a completely new atmosphere. The Dead Marsh plugin, however, changes all pine trees in the marsh region to dead trees for a more dark-fantasy inspired look.

Volcanic Tundra Revamped
I made a lot of changes to this region. Enhanced Landscapes overhauls the rock formations, added hundred of landscape objects - existing and new ones like ferns, mushrooms, trees, small rocks, ruin clutter and much more.

Better City Outskirts

Better looking city outskirts. Enhanced Landscapes overhauls the outside areas of Markarth, Windhelm, Riften, Whiterun and Solitude. These are just small landscape changes, but they'll make the outskirts look a lot better.

Landscape Enhancements

Main part of Enhanced Landscpaes are thousands of changes all over Skyrim. New added floral objects, ruin clutter or just small improvements of different locations. This mod adds hundreds of objects and changes a lot of existing ones. The list is far too long to enumerate every little change, but you'll absolutely see the difference when wandering around Skyrim. I've added water lilies to a lot of rivers and lakes, overhauled the roads with many different objects and also made general enhancements to small farms, ruins and many other places throughout Skyrim.

DLC Patch
Version 1.4.0+ includes a new file called "Enhanced Landscapes - Patch.esp". This file fixes incompatibility with Hearthfire DLC and forwards missing/deleted records from the DLCs and Unofficial Patches (especially XCLN records). Load it as last in your load order!

Barren Marsh
This optional file will remove all pine/dead trees from the marsh region and make it look barren. Gives the marsh region a completely different atmosphere. Part of the main file.

Dead Marsh
This optional file will overhaul the marsh region with new dead trees & morrowind-inspired giant mushrooms. This was originally part of the main file and is now chooseable as optional file. Part of the main file.

Grasses and Plants
Enhanced Landscapes contains its own unique grass plugin. This was build on my other mod Unbelievable Grass Two, but is very different looking. Textures were optimized for performance, but still high quality. Also includes better plant textures based on Skyrim Flora Overhaul. Available as optional download.

Green Fields
This optional file will turn the tundra region into summer-like grasslands with green grasses, new green landscape textures and proper distant terrain textures. It also changes some textures of Whiterun. This optional file is part of the grasses and plants addon and will only work with the grass plugin from Enhanced Landscapes, since it is build on that one.

Enhanced Landscapes - Winter Edition is available for download here. You'll need to download the core files from here first. Afterwards download the files from the Enhanced Landscapes - Winter Edition page and follow the insturctions.

Requirements: DynDOLOD


  • Download the basic file and install with a mod manager. Mod Organizer is highly recommended.
  • Choose the options you want and click at install.
  • Make sure Enhanced Landscapes has a higher priority in MO as any other landscape mods & LodGen billboards! If using NMM let Enhanced Landscapes overwrite all necessary files.
  • Enable the Enhanced Landscapes.esp and all optional esp files if you've installed them.


  • Install DynDOLOD, if you haven't already and read all included instructions how to use it. If you're already familiar with DynDOLOD this will be an easy step.
  • Make sure Enhanced Landscapes is loaded AFTER DynDOLOD resources (priority in Mod Organizer - left pane), so it can overwrite some textures which are also included into DynDOLOD.
  • Generate DistantLOD and TreeLOD with DynDOLOD with all Enhanced Landscapes files enabled. The output files of DynDOLOD should be loaded after Enhanced Landscapes. DynDOLOD.esp must be loaded as last (after Enhanced Landscapes.esp and all other .esp files)!

Video Tutorials for DynDOLOD & Enhanced Landscapes


Load Order

Main Files
Optional Files


  • Enhanced Landscapes.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Grass.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Green Fields.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Barren Marsh.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Dead Marsh.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Patch.esp

MOD FOLDERS (Mod Organizer priority - left pane in MO)

  • DynDOLOD resources
  • Enhanced Landscapes
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Grasses
  • DynDOLOD output

Enhanced Landscapes uses a very unique patching function of DynDOLOD to patch incompatibilities. Enhanced Landscapes contains a .ini files with references of objects that conflict with some specific mods. When generating LOD with DynDOLOD it will find the references, depending on the mods you use, and disable them. This doesn't mean all mods will work; Below is a list with mods which were patched.

List of patched mods
  • Enhanced Towns and Cities (works with ETaC Complete & ETaC Modular + ETaC - Dragon Bridge South Addonload ETaC_Complete.esp (or any of the modular files) after Enhanced Landscapes.esp & all other EL files 
  • JK's Skyrim & all of JK's Town Overhauls
  • Cutting Room Floor - load Cutting Room Floor.esp after Enhanced Landscapes & all other EL files
  • Provincial Courier Service
  • Other mods: Gray Cowl of Nocturnal / Pinegrove Lodge / INIGO / Routa
  • Aurora Village (the mod includes a patch for EL, don't use it, use the patching function from DynDOLOD instead to patch this mod)
  • Better City Entrances (only works with All-in-One version)
  • Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships (works with Hearthfire and Vanilla version)


Skyrim Flora Overhaul & Enhanced Vanilla Trees
Both mods are fully compatible and highly recommend, use either SFO or EVT. Also make sure to install the LodGen billboard files too. Here is a picture how the Load order should look:

Town & City mods
ETaC and JK's Skyrim were patched and are fully compatible. Other mods, which improve towns may be incompatible. Mods which edit the main cities are fully compatible.

Landscape texture mods
All landscape texture mods are fully compatible.

Landscape mods
There are a lot of mods available which make some small landscape edits here and there. Most of these mod only cover a few areas and only add a few objects. Enhanced landscapes aims to improve landscapes, locations, rock formations, mountains, roads and paths all over Skyrim.

Simply Bigger Trees & Skyrim Flora Overhaul and other Tree Mods
Fully compatible with the Basic files but since I increased alot of trees by hand, there may be some clipping or extraordinary big trees. Also Skyrim Flora Overhaul and every other tree mod is fully compatible with Enhanced Landscapes, as long as it only affects the meshes and doesn't place any new trees around Skyrim.

Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
Compatible, though there may be some bad AI acting. Most new added objects have collision boxes with NavCut (which will prevent NPCs from walking through them). 

Touring Carriages
Not compatible. Due to a lot of objects added alongside roads it will end up in issues where the carriages will not pass through.

Merging all files into one

If you want to merge all Enhanced Landscapes files into one file, using the Merge Plugins xEdit Script, make sure to name the output file "Enhanced Landscapes - Merged.esp". I've included a ini file for patching incompatibilities, which is depended on that file name. So you can use the merged file to generate LODs with DynDOLOD and patch incompatible mods. You can merge all files to save esp space.