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A mid-sized home on the calm and cold shores of the Pale

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The Northern Star Revisited is a reinterpretation of The Northern Star Retreat by Ortisienrico. Here

Family Edition has arrived!
Note that this version requires TMPhoenix's Multiple Adoption Mod

Last updates :
The Three versions have been optimized with roombounds to minimize performance impact. There is also a key, now, to the Northern Star.


English is not my first language so I apologize for every mistakes I could make in this description.

The house is located on the shores of The pale (see pictures), in a snowy and solitary place.
It is free and doesn't need to be discover. If you're disturbed by a free house, just throw 30.000 gold in the sea.
The key is in a little urn just behind the Azura altar, down on the shore.
I choose to rely only on vanilla ressources for this house, so it comes with only an esp, and scripts. The lightning is designed for ENB. There are numerous and various idle markers to make it more "alive" if inhabited by followers.
It is, of course, fully navmeshed and has been cleaned with TESVedit.

Eventhough it is more appealing, I don't want to make a too long description to "sell" the mod. I encourage people to install and visit it, and discover all it offers.
In some case, pictures say more than words, so I recommend to check the image section to have an idea of what this house is about, and what can be done. While making this house, each time I couldn't choose between one option or another, I decided to offer the user the possibility to choose for itself. So there are a lot of possibilities, buttons and levers, in order to let the player choose between several options. For example, the followers room contains 7 beds that can be individually changed into coffin. The 24 weapon display in the dinning room can be individually changed to be : 1 weapon rack, 2 weapons rack, 1 shield rack or 2 shields rack. The mannequins (up to 14) can be disabled and replaced by trees in pot, or just nothing. This is some of the options you can get. Once again : refer to the image section, eventhough I'm far from being a screenarcher and play on a 1600*900 resolution.

An enormous thanks to the great Hodilton for this :


-Dinning Room (with display for weapons and/or shields, up to 48 depending on the type of display you choose)
-Trophy Room (with display for priest masks, claws and paragon gems)
-Mage Room with enchanting, alchemy and staff enchanter tables. (with display for bugs in jar, lexicon and attunment sphere)
-Study and library (with bookshelf for 198 books and display for black books and elder scrolls)
-Master bedroom (with display for unique jewelry : articulation amulet, Gauldur amulet, Saint-Jub locket, Kyne's Token, Savos Aren amulet and Saarthal amulet) and an access to private terrace.
-Blacksmith workshop
-Followers room (7 beds/coffins)

Family edition :

This was made on request. This version adds a kids room with 6 beds, along with all the idle markers necessary for a happy family life!
The bandit camp has been moved away, so they don't attack anymore around the house.
As I'm not familiar with adoption thing in Skyrim, and made this version only on request, I'm interested in feedback, positive or negative.


-As this mod is entirely based on vanilla ressources, using mods like SMIM may lead to little strange things...
-Because of the famous Bethesda mysteries, I had to make my own scripts and system for the shield racks, in order to allow the player to choose between 1 or 2 shields display. As a result, the activators are not located in front of the support, there is a picture in the image section that shows activator positions for the 1 shield and 2 shields racks.
-When entering or exiting the house with several followers, some seconds may be necessary for all the followers to finally appear.

Requirements :

Skyrim and all its DLC
For the Family Edition you need TMPhoenix's Multiple Adoption Mod

Install/Uninstall :

The best way is to use NMM or Mod organizer. For manual install, just put the esp in the data folder, and the scripts in the data/scripts folder. To uninstall, just remove the esp and the scripts : all the scripts provided by this mod begin by "ak", so you can easily identify them.

Feel free to report any bugs or issues in the comment section.

And if you like it, don't forget to endorse as it is a real plaesure for the modder!

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Thanks :

Ortisienrico for the original mod
A very special thanks to Hannador for his precious knowledge and his great patience while guiding me through the "family edition" process.
tictac1982 for testing, suggestions and the Northern Logo!
slygeezer for testing and suggestions