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A few patches I made for my game to incorporate the mods I use to work with Arnima, included currently are a Populated Cities 2 patch and a Realistic Needs and Diseases patch.

Permissions and credits
These patches are outdated, if you wish to try using them you will have to rename BeyondReach files to arnima. They should still work since the edits were minor, but use at your own risk regardless.

Arnima Patch Compilation
These are simply patches I made for the mod Beyond Reach by razorkid and Realistic Needs and Diseases by perseid9.

Realistic Needs and Diseases Patch

Simply put, this esp will allow you to drink from water sources in Beyond Reach, as well as fill your bottles there, in order to recover thirst from the thirst system of Realistic Needs and Diseases.

Populated Cities 2 Patches

This plugin will add more npcs to the cities in Beyond Reach, I felt such a prominent locale as Evermore deserved a bit more bustle in the streets! The town of Arnima also got some additional npcs but less, you may find people leaving towards High Rock to escape that dreary place :P.

There are two to choose from here, currently. There is the regular version and the 'less' version. The regular version adds about 30 npcs to Evermore and about 15 to Arnima. Being conscious of the how this extra amount of npcs can tax peoples' games, as well as the already forewarned performance issues of these cities, I made a less version which roughly halves the npc count. 

Sidenote: Skyrim AI pathing is notoriously derpy, but despite this let me know if you see any serious derpy-ness from the added npcs and I will see what I can do.


Thanks to:
razorkid for the permission to make this patch and his amazing mod Beyond Reach
perseid9 for his wonderful mod Realistic Needs and Diseases
moirai for the fantastic assistance in helping me figure out how to patch RND water.


Let me know if you run into any issues/bugs, though understand these patches do very little :).

I may create more patches for Beyond Reach if there's a demand for it. 


Feel free to use/modify these patches or add them to another mod if you so desire, but I take no responsibility for the altered versions ;).