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Adds Guild Membership fees with a twekable payment period

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                                Pay Your Dues(Beta Still In Active Development) 

Are you tired of not contributing to your Guilds. You think just because you are The Dragon Born you can skimp out on Guild Membership fees? I think not and this Mod aims to fix that


                                                                                        MCM Enabled
  • Allows You to choose how much Gold it costs to maintain Membership in a Guild(A way to temporarily ban you from the guild is forth Coming)
  • Supports all Vanilla Guilds(Dark Brotherhood, Mage's Guild(College of Winterhold),Thieves Guild, and Companions)
  • Debt System - No payment is forgotten and the debt will only increase as you keep delaying payment
  • Tweakable   payment period from 1 to 30 Days(**PLEASE NOTE** there is a problem right now where you have to wait the full payment period before the change of its length take effect as such the default is 1 Day so change to whatever and after one day the new payment period will take effect**)

After seeing the wonderful Simple Taxes and the Taxes in the Holds I wondered why there isn't a system for guilds. Everyone knows guilds take some money to join so why don't these guilds? Sure Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood may not seem to take guild payments but think of as contributing to the strength of guild. This is my first mod so it is not as fleshed out as Simple Taxes at the moment but as more feedback is taken and as I get more experienced the mod will improve so keep checking back for updates

Instillation -

I suggest using Nexus Mod Manger or Mod Organizer but as the  the mod is lightweight manual instillation works too

Simply drop the content of the downloaded file into your Skyrin/Data directory then enable the esp on the launched


There should be no problems uninstalling it as it does not effect any major systems 


There should be no incompatibility

Recommended Mods:

Simple Taxes: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57239/?

Taxes of the Nine Holds: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65519/?

I recommend using both in combination with this mod