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This mod adds two swords to the game, a one-handed Gearblade and a two-handed Gearblade Greatsword. They are intended to be a single weapon which can extend or contract as desired, but In the interest of straightforward modding it is simply implemented as two separate weapons. You can, however, craft one into the other at a Forge for no material cost.


Use the Nexus Mod Manager. Seriously, start using it now, before your Data folder gets even more disorganized.

...If you insist on not using the manager, just unzip the files straight into your [Skyrim install directory]/Data folder, just like any other mod.


The swords can be purchased from either of the merchants at Warmaiden's in Whiterun, or crafted at a Forge.
They have the same base stats as the Daedric set. No Smithing perks are required, but the crafting recipe requires some Dwemer items, thus ensuring low-level characters can't craft it and get super OP.
The crafting recipes are identical, as the two swords are in fact a single design that can alter its shape. Once you possess one version of the sword, you can craft it into the other at no further cost.


Any mod which modifies the Warmaiden's shop inventory may cause the Gearblades to no longer be purchasable. I have not yet confirmed this, however.


The poly count is admittedly ridiculous for a weapon. This is because normal maps are for sissies. Real men use geometry for everything.

1.1: Remade plugin in Creation Kit; mod conflicts should no longer be an issue