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This mod greatly increases the chances that Imperials spawn with heavy armor.

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This mod increases the chances that Imperials spawn with heavy armor to a far greater amount.

I found it odd that the Stormcloaks would comment on how the Imperials were so easy to hear from far away but they all had light armor on.They still spawn with Imperial light armor and Imperial studded for some variety (albeit a lesser amount of course).

This mod changes the leveled item lists for Imperials so should only conflict with mods that modify that.

Keep in mind high level players may not notice a difference in this as most high leveled item lists for imperial soldiers gives them heavy armor.

Also if you find you don't like what armor set a npc spawned with, use the console and click them and type resetinventory or resurrect. With established games, you may have to highlight an imperial and do this to see my mod changes.

Keep in mind this was made with hex edit/pre-CK tools so there may be unintentional bugs. I have made effort to avoid issues however by only carefully editing a few leveled item lists.

Please give kudos if you like, I am not that talented of a modder but it helps bolster my ego and makes me make more mods.