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Greenhill Lodge, a Tolkien inspired Hobbit's home.

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-Greenhill Lodge-
A Hobbit's home

Welcome to your new home. This Tolkien inspired Hobbit hole will give you plenty of comfort. This home is
meant for those who seek peace and quiet after a long journey. With an ever
burning and warm hearth, plenty of food in the kitchen and numerous books to
read, this cozy little home offers exactly that; peace and quiet.

Location: A map marker is placed between Falkreath and the lake.


  • A medium sized Hobbit home.
  • 5 rooms; hallway, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room
  •  A lot of new models and textures
  • Storage for weapons, armor, potions, books, ingredients and food
  • Kitchen garden

·        Skyrim(Latest version)
·        DawnguardDLC
·        DragonbornDLC
·        HearthfireDLC
·        SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender)

Install instructions:

Download the Zip and UnZip the files in the Skyrim Data folder.

(Note: This is the first mod I've ever uploaded to the Nexus so please let me
know if everything is working correctly, your feedback is greatly appriciated!)


Stroti – Model and texture resources
Tamira - Stroti's meshes and textures conversion
Harvey2112 – General stores
Oaristys – Modder’s resource pack
Blary – OpenBooks Resource, Ingredients wall art resource
(Thanks alot guys!)


You are NOT allowed to upload my mods to any other sites or platforms
You are NOT allowed to modify this mod without my permission
You are NOT allowed to use this mod for any paid mods. 
You are NOT allowed to use this mod in your own mod without my permission