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Tweaks ESS weathers to follow NLA weather templates, and merges region data to allow weathers from both mods to appear.

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This mod is a simple patch to allow Natural Lighting and Atmospherics and Expanded Snow Systems to play along nicely. It edits the conflicting region data to allow weathers from both NLA and ESS to appear, and it edits the weather data from ESS to be based off of NLA's weather, to fit in better with the rest of the weather mod.

  • Dawnguard
  • Natural Lighting and Atmospherics 2.0 weather plugin
  • Expanded Snow Systems vanilla

  • Install with a mod manager, or put ESS - NLA patch.esp into your data folder.

  • The revised weather list for NLA ENB is an optional download. You will have to manually replace _weatherlist.ini in the enbseries folder.
  • Alternatively, below is a list of ESS weather IDs that you can manually copy into your ENB weather list.

snowstorm: d62,1d8c,1d8d
overcast_snow: 387d,387e,387f,6393,6394,6395