About this mod

Permissions and credits
All Perfect Susanoo's for Uchiha Clan

This mod is an add-on for the main mod UchihaClan and will change Madara's Perfect Susanoo to my version.

Mods that are required before installing :

  1. Original The Uchiha Clan Mod
  2. Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos
  3. Daedric Lord Armor
  4. Animated Dragon Wings
  5. animated featherd Wings  version you need to download is - Soul Hound Pack V1.2
While installing second wings mod, overwrite everything you'll be asked for, from previous wings mod.

You don't need to active esp of these mods and enable them in ur game(besides Uchiha Clan and wings mods) We just need them installed for textures.

Now you can download and install my mod. Overwrite everything you'll be asked for.

Optional Mods :

Flying Mod - After you installed in game use power called "flying configuration" go to collisions and turn them off.

Customizable Camera - if you watched the video and are curious how to get that camera with which you can see full Susanoo you need to download this and check last page of images - there's an image showing how to configure it.

How to use it?

Option 1. Read description of the main mod UchihaClan. Basically you just need to get Rinnegan with Madara's path.

Option 2. Open console and type "help susano" or "help perfect" and search for the "Perfect Susanoo" spell. Then use "player.addspell ID". 
With "help susano" You have to SCROLL UP through the console with "PageUp" button on your keyboard to find this spell
(same goes for "PageDown" if you want to scroll down)

How to get Wings ? 
Open console and type "help mutagen" and search for the spell called "Mutagen : Control Dragon Tundra Wings". Then use "player.addspell ID". 

How to get Flag ? 
Open console and type "help sashimono" and search for the "Dovakhiin Sashimono" . Then use "player.additem ID count". 

You can now also use any spell/shout while in Perfect Susanoo form and equip any weapon you want. Also you can equip some types of armor but there's not too many. 
You can only equip things that does not affect the main body so obviously you can't equip any armor, boots or gauntlets but you can wear stuff like cowls or capes/cloaks but they will be normal looking and won't get this blue chakra looking.

Also check my Perfect Susanoo for Sasuke&Itachi&Obito&Shisui