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Temple of Kruziik is an ancient temple built by a cult of Nords worshiping the dragon Kruziik(meaning 'ancient' in the dragon language). Inside the temple you will find evidence of the Nord's worship and an ancient defender of the artifacts deep inside the temple.

Permissions and credits

Temple of Kruziik is a medium sized dungeon located between Falkreath and Helgen (picture of location). It was intended for the r/SkyrimMods boss battle competition but due to engine limitations we couldn't finish it in time. So I (Wheeze) picked it up a month later and have decided to release it in its current state.

Temple of Kruziik is an ancient temple built by a cult of Nords worshiping the dragon Kruziik(meaning 'ancient' in the dragon language). Inside the temple you will find evidence of the Nord's worship and an ancient defender of the artifacts deep inside the temple.

The entire process of developing this mod was streamed on Wheeze's twitch channel. Come join the community and check up on the development of Luftahraan live!

Temple of Kruziik does not require any DLC. It only requires SKSE(which can be downloaded right here: http://skse.silverlock )
We recommend you use a mod manager (either Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer) to install the mod because the files are not packed into a .bsa archive and uninstalling the mod will be a fairly tedious process.

Temple of Kruziik is compatible with the vast majority of mods. It doesn't directly modify anything at all per se but rather just adds content.
Perk, combat or entire game overhauls should work well with Temple of Kruziik but it may change the difficulty level of the dungeon so if you experience drastic change in difficulty with Temple of Kruziik compared to other dungeons please leave a comment so we can balance things out.

This .esp file, Temple of Kruziik are the property of Archon Entertainment. If you wish to upload Temple of Kruziik to another modding website it is not necessary to seek our permission, but you must include a link to the nexus page of the mod and give full credit to Archon Entertainment, as well as making it clear that you are neither the author of the mod nor in any way affiliated with its development.
You may not upload Temple of Kruziik to any location that allows you to charge money for it, and neither can you make any profit from its distribution in any other way.  Similarly, Temple of Kruziik may not be included in any other mod that requires payment to download.
Video creators of any sort are free to use Temple of Kruziik as a source for their material, whether that material be a video review, a Let’s Play or any other endeavour.
You may not copy or edit the files within this mod in any way without the express permission of the Archon team. You may not include any part of these files as composite parts of your own release.
Credit for Temple of Kruziik goes to Örvar "Wheeze" Arnórsson, the creator of the dungeon and Akhanami(modeller for Archon Entertainment).

What level should I be before starting the dungeon?
The dungeon is leveled just like any other skyrim dungeon so you probably don't need to be any particular level but if you experience the dungeon to be too easy or too hard compared to other vanilla dungeons then please leave a comment so we can adjust the difficulty.

How long does it take to finish the dungeon?
This dungeon is fairly straight forward and is medium sized so depending on your playstyle it can take you from 30minutes to an hour to finish.

Is this mod compatible with <insert mod here>?
99% of the time yes. Like stated in the compatibility section, the odds of a mod modifying something that this mod modifies is pretty low since this .esp file only really adds new forms instead of modifying.

Should I uninstall this mod after finishing it?
You probably shouldn't. Like stated above, the mod probably does not pose any compatibility issues but there are certain weapons in the dungeon that might cause issues with your save if they all of a sudden disappeared from the game but are supposed to be in your inventory

Where in the load order should this be placed?
Entirely up to you, this mod doesn't depend on another mod to be loaded before it and it doesn't modify anything that needs to override another mod. So placing it early in the load order is probably the best idea.

Does this mod require any DLC?
Like stated in the compatibility section, no it does not require any DLC. Only does it require SKSE.

Can I replay this dungeon after finishing it?
You can, but the door to the final room will have been frozen shut, so you won't be able to entirely finish it the second time around.

What do the Claws of Kruziik do?
Each hit with the claws have a small change to induce Kruziik's Rage. Kruziik's Rage increases weapon damage by 100%, attack speed by %30 and movement speed by 30%. Killing while enraged with this effect will reset the effect, allowing you to keep up the enrage.

Wheeze's Stream
Luftahraan ModDB
Archon Website
Archon YouTube

-Fixed a rare issue where you could glitch the boss out by killing him before entering phase 2
-Made one of the frost traps more avoidable and fair.

-Fixed missing triggers for some draugrs
-Corrected the description for Kruziik's Rage active magic effect
-Made Kruziik's Claws be worth the correct amount and incrased their damage

-Initial release