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Provides unique textures for every alcoholic beverage in game, corrects categories for existing beverages, and adds numerous new beverages as well as some from other Elder Scrolls titles.

Permissions and credits
Backstory:  I had been using numerous replacer mods but none of the covered all of the existing beverages and the textures varied wildly in appearance.  This started life as an attempt to create one mod that changed all the beverage bottles. Then I started adding beverages.  Then I decided to tackle another problem - permanently vacant properties.  Thus the Spirits of Nirn beverage shop was born...almost.  I realized that I would get requests to separate out the drinks from the shop so I did.  Thus Spirits of Skyrim was born.

The "Spirits of Skyrim" replaces the textures of all the existing alcohol beverages in the game and adds in many new drinks, some from other Elder Scrolls title and some I created.  Yes there are better textures out there.  All of my textures are contained within the Data/Textures/Clutter/SpiritsOfSkyrim folder so you can overwrite as needed (you will need to change the texture names to match mine). 

Most textures are 1k.  Textures for the bottles I used from a modders resource are a tad smaller but they looked fine to me so I did not re-do them. One texture is 2k but that one isn't available outside of a console command. 

I am NOT a screen archer nor do I use any ENBs.  The only lighting mod I use is Relighting Skyrim. 

Changes to existing drinks:

All alcohol drinks are now listed under foods so if you're looking for the Riften Specials under potions, they aren't there
anymore. No potions or poisons were altered for this mod, only alcoholic beverages.

  •     The 4 existing wine bottles have small changes. Instead of 2 versions of Alto Wine and 2 versions of Wine, there is now Alto Wine, Tenor Wine, Wine and Cheap WIne. Each is a different coloring.
  •     Ale is now called Son of a Horker Ale
  •     Nord Mead is now Nordic Mead (I'm really not that creative)
  •     Honningbrew Mead has a different bottle mainly because I textured the wrong bottle and decided to stick with it.
  •     Emberbrand Wine & Ashfire Mead have their own distinct bottles & labels
  •     The Riften Specials have unique bottles & textures
  •     Jessica's Wine has a unique model
  •     A few bottles had their UV maps tweaked a bit including corks for the bottles I used. This only affects the bottles in this mod and will NOT affect any other bottle.

(Caution: beverages & items attainable via console are NOT finished.  They may change or even be removed).

    From Oblivion:
  •         Shadowbanish Wine (sold in the Raggon Flagon)
  •         there are 5 others but they are only available through the console*

    From Morrowind
  •         Telvanni Bug Musk (sold in Tel Mithryn)
  •         there are 2 others but they are only available through the console*

    From Tamriel Online
  •         Falkreath Rosy Mead
  •         There are 8 others but they are only available through the console*

Additions Mentioned by NPCs but not found in game or CK:

  •     Beer (added to LootDrink25 Leveled List)
  •     Old Gold 200 Mead (Winking Skeever)
  •     Fat Toad 190 (Winking Skeever)
  •     Black-Briar Berry Blend 195 (Winking Skeever, Black-Briar Meadery)
  •     Holy Water (sold at Apothecaries, added to the Rare list)
  •     Mogo's Mead: NOT ADDED (it is added by numerous other mods including Interesting NPCs).  I may do the bottle though since the labels from 3DNPC are fine. 

New Creations (sold at inns that have at least 2 large casks in the Vanilla game)

  •         7,000 Step Ale (Vilemyr Inn)
  •         Spruce Ale & Sabre Cat Altbier (Nightgate Inn)
  •         Icy Apple Cyser (Frostfruit Inn)
  •         Stormcrown Mead (Old Hroldan Inn)
  •         Starfrost Old Ale (Windpeak Inn)
  •         Morihaus' Mug Aleberry (Moorside Inn)
  •         The Mage's Metheglin (Frozen Hearth)
  •         The Verdant Stone Short Mead (Braidwood Inn)

Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath sells "Falkreath Rosy Mead" from Tamriel Online.  I forgot the Four Shields Tavern so I will likely add the Dragon's Breath mead to their sell list (having additional bottles does NOT effect the quest, even if several are already in your inventory).  There is a Mage's Mead in Tamriel Online but I didn't realize it until after this one was made.  Coincidentally, it is made with metheglin. 

Historically speaking, inns and taverns were often made famous for the mead, wines, beers, ales, sakes, etc that they brewed in-house.  Since the inns are only brewing for sale inside of their own establishments, this does NOT conflict with Maven Black-Briar's desire to stomp out all competition.  She looks the other way for the Bee & the Barb drinks (though listed as wines, one is a posset - a mixture of "heavy cream mixed with a blended mead").  She also fails to mention the 2 non-Black Briar meads sold at the Winking Skeever (at least according to the NPCs).  In my view, Maven only wants to prevent large scale breweries from competing with hers.

Drinks names are based on regional qualities or the lore of the area.


Several bottles are from the Morrowind Style Clutter and More mod 

Textures were created in Photoshop, Filter Forge 4, Daz Studio, and come from a variety of sources including my own photographs.  If I used a resource that I neglected to credit, please accept my apologies and let me know so I can add the proper credit here.


Download and install via your favorite mod manager or placed the SpiritsOfSkyrim.esp and accompanying folders inside the Data folder.  


Remove via your favorite mod manager or remove SpiritsOfSkyrim.esp AND the "Spirits of Skyrim" folders inside Data/Textures/Clutter and Data/Meshes/Clutter.

Because this file is still in Beta, I am not giving permission for this file to be used for other mods.  When version 1.0 is finished, I will provide more specific permissions.

I have uploaded this mod here and to only.  This mod will remain free to download. 

* I'm nearing completion on a mod called "Spirits of Nirn" that will put a beverage store where the Mythic Dawn museum was for those who
kill Silus (which leaves the museum permanently empty). I realize that Silus may still live in your game so this mod was carved out of that one
as a stand-alone mod. However, not all the drinks are available without the shop. If you want all the new drinks, you'll need to use the console (Caution: beverages & items attainable via console are NOT finished.  They may change or even be removed in version 1.0).