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Draven Manor is a small Hearthfire inspired buildable player home with 120+ Build options to choose from, located just outside Whiterun, it includes plenty of Safe Storage, Armor Mannequins, Displays for Dragon Priest Masks, Claws, Black Books, Paragons, Weapon Racks, Display Cases, Indoor Smithing Area.

Permissions and credits
I am currently no longer modding or supporting my original Skyrim mods..Check out my new/ported mods for Skyrim Special Edition HERE or Fallout 4 HERE..Thank you again for everyone's continuing support..

This Mod Requires Dawnguard, Hearthfire & Dragonborn DLC's

Draven Manor is a small Hearthfire inspired buildable player home with 120+ Build options to choose from, located just outside Whiterun, it includes plenty of Safe Storage, Armor Mannequins, Displays for Dragon Priest Masks, Claws, Black Books, Paragons, Weapon Racks, Display Cases, Indoor Smithing Area.

---------------------MAIN FEATURES------------------------

Buy Draven Manor (Abandoned Home) for 15,000 gold to unlock the various interior Workbenches
Note: A cheaters supply chest containing all the building supplies can be activated on the 1st Floor of Draven Manor
Order Building Supplies at the Ledger on the 1st Floor Workbench
Draven Manor Teleport Spell Tome (Found in Master Bedroom once the Noble Desk is built)
Change Your Characters Appearance (Mirror in Bath Area)
Navmeshed Indoor and Exteriors
Optimimized with Room Bounds and Portals
Guest House (Extra Folower Living Space, 2 Beds)
All Light Sources are able to be Turned On/Off
Lightable Fireplaces, Plumbed Sinks
Bedroom for Followers (2 Beds)
Kitchen Area with Oven and Cooking Pot
Enchanting Table with Themed Storage for Scrolls, Soul Gems, Jewelry
Alchemy Table with Themed Storage for Ingredients and Potions
Indoor Blacksmith Anvil, Sharpening Wheel, Armor Workbench, Tanning Rack
Themed Storage for Raw Meat, Vegetables, Fruits, Salt Pile, Wine, Mead, Cooked Food
Themed Storage for Notes, Journals, Spell Tomes, Unique/Rare Books, Keys (Master Bedroom)
Themed Storage for Armors, Gauntlets, Helmets, Boots, Shields
Themed Storage for Maces, Battle Axes, Swords, Greatswords, Bows, Crossbows
War Axes, Daggers, Warhammers, Arrows, Bolts
Themed Storage for Ingots, Ores, Leather Supplies, Dragon Bones/Scales and Misc
Exterior Drop-Off Chests (Linked)
Exterior Garden Area w/ Hearthfire Style Planters
Exterior Smithing Area, Themed Storage (Linked to Interior Smithing Area)
Display Area for all 14 Dragon Priest Masks
Display Area for all Daedric Artifacts
Display Area for all 7 Black Books
Display Area for all 3 Elder Scrolls
Display Area for all 5 Paragons
Displays for Bug Jars, Draw Knife
Displays for Amulets (Nine Divines, Saarthal, Gauldur, Kynes Token (Master Bedroom)
Display Area for all 10 Dragon Claws & Right/Left Amethyst Claws
Displays for Chillrend, Champion's Cudgel, Zephyr, Auriel's Bow, Harkon's Sword, Horksbane.
26 Armor Mannequins
10 Large Display Cases
26 Shield Plaques
38 Weapon Racks
New Horse Npc

Thieves Guild Display:
Once built at the 2nd Floor Workbench, items are added to the display by completing The Litany of Larceny quests, the items for the display are linked to those in the Raggon Flagon Cistern.

Drop-Off Chests:
The Drop-Off chest build option provides an easy way to drop off items into the home without dealing with load screens, they DO NOT auto sort into the themed containers.

Auto Workstation Access/Store Barrels and Themed Storage:
The Auto Access/Store feature allows you to store supplies and have automatic access when using the various workstations..

Auto Access/Store for Hearthfire Oven/Cooking Pot (Storage Barrel in the Kitchen)
Auto Access/Store for Alchemy Tables/Ingredients (Themed Ingredient Containers)
Auto Access/Store for Enchanting Tables/Soul Gems (Themed Soul Gem Containers)
Auto Access/Store for All Smithing Workstations (Barrel in Smithing Area)
NOTE: Storing a TON of stuff in the Auto Store/Access Containers may cause
the Workstations to pause or exit while loading/returning items

Moving Mannequins Fix:
Download Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix by SLuckyD:

Exterior options can be built at the 1st floor Workbench and Guest House Workbench
Press the Disable/Enable Cheat Supply Chest Activator twice when first using then only one press is needed afterwards.
I don't plan on adding any Child Beds, Spouse support for this mod, it was meant to be a smaller single player home, if you
would want these features I suggest checking out my other 9 mods..

Special thanks to Just Call Me Frosty for the video review of Draven Manor..

1. Download with NMM.
2. Manually install contents of archive in Skyrim/Data folder.

Make sure to save outside of the cell being uninstalled.

1. Use NMM
2. Delete the DravenManor.esp and any other files from this mod from your Skyrim/Data folder.

This mod's location is not compatible with:
ETaC Immersive Whiterun
School of Knowledge and Youth

Change Log:
V1.1 Update:
New Buildable Auxiliary Armory (Armory: Auxiliary Armory Trapdoor at the 1st Floor Workbench)
Auxiliary Armory Contains:
18 Additional Mannequins
18 Additional Shield Plaques
10 Large Display Cases
28 Weapon Racks
Added a Drop Chest to Aux. Amrory (Linked)
Fixed exterior property wall seems
Added Themed Meat Storage
Added Safe (Unique Items) and Strongbox (Gems) to the Master Bedroom
Added braziers to the exterior wall entrance
Added some foliage, walkway blocks to the exterior
Other minor additions

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