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A quick edit of Guards Armor Replacement by Taro8 to let females use the male mesh (i also enabled circles and earing to be worn with the helms)

Permissions and credits
So I'm a real big fan of Guards Armor Replacement by Taro8 But play a lot of female characters so i opened it in tes edit and linked the female meshes to the new male ones, its not the same as a true female model but it works for me. Also i removed the Circlet and ear tags on the helmet so you can wear circlets and earring with the new helms.

You don't need the original mods this is a all inclusive file, but do endorse the orginal

This version is built on Taro8 version 1.5

Version 1.5.4 was a massive update and since level lists and outfits changed any guards you may have met previously will need to be respawned (I prefer kill and resurrect via console). See change long for more details.

With 1.5.5 you no real level lists were changed but lots of new armors and crafting recipes were done, as well as as some environmental maps added to the armors (might not notice it on everything but the metal claps and buttons are all reflective as is the edge of the hold shields

1.5.6 Things to do (in order of priority):
House armor set crafting, smelting, and tempering recipes

Create variants of the boots that are just the cuff as the digiggrade khajiit and argonian raptor prefer.
Link new outfit sets to post civil war guard npc records
Create variants of the armors for the Skyrforge (better stats), Luna forge (enchantable but like sliver have an innate lunar enchant) and Fire Forged (for the special forge in Riften, may need to make the riften forge special)
Add in the Soul Collector (Light Elite guard) variant armors for each hold
Add beast masks,tails, ears "skinning" system
Add open faced helms variants
Add Companion wolf armor variants
Add Spellbinder variant guard heavy armor

Just use Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer to install.

Open Faced Helmets mod ( or any mod that changes guard armors really.

hothtrooper44 - Vendal helmet from Immersive Armors as well as the Spellbinder armor which is being retextured into a heavy armor guard variant set
L0rd0fWar - for converting Witcher 2 armors
Fancyman - for HD retexture of the helmet
zzjay - female crusader armor that is used for the guard armor
taro8 - for being so cool as to let me build on his work
JZBai - creator of generic chainmail which are used to add extra head armor for the guard in 1.5.4 (Coifs and aventails, and generic chainmail armor used by bandits)
Teh Husky/Artifex0 for creating Digigrade Khajiit and Argonian Raptor Feet and boots to match which I have built compatibility into natively.
AlcoholSwabs for Hold Capital Vectors a resource that has been very invaluable for the smaller hold icons in some of the armors
asc_kel for his Companion's Wolf Armor varients which are being incoerperated into 1.5.5 as additional options
Madcat221 and navida1 For the Improved Open faced and Closed Faced Helm which I've incorporated into this mod as cross craftable variants in 1.5.5
newermind43 for letting me use his Soul Collector armor for elite, light armor for palace guards.
PhilSchmidheiny for Unique Party and Radiant Raiment clothes  which I've incorporated into this mod for the overhaul to to added the loose/corseted styles to the game as well as to give the "radiant raiment" quest a overhaul so you get a full outfit not just armor (because why would Tarie have you represent her with fashion disaster boots, your supposed to be representing Radiant Raiment shouldn't she go all out?)
MTichenor for the cubemaps and some of the environmental maps used in the armors and shields

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