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Ever just wanted to live in a lighthouse without the dead bodies? Yeah, me too.

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Here's a sweet video showing off some of the crib by izon87604:

WARNING: If you have not encountered Frostflow lighthouse yet, do not download this mod as it will override the entire cell. This MOD was originally meant to remove dead people and blood and that's all I'll say about that, however, you should discover it first in vanilla then try this mod out.

This is a very special personal mod that I spent many months working on just for fun. I'm releasing it as is, as it's been finished for years now. It is built for a king, more specifically, my first character, Zill, that I played the game through with, who had assumed a ridiculous sum of septims through having stolen from basically every location in Vanilla Skyrim, I kid you not. BUT it was all for the glory of Skyrim's people in the end. hehehe

Frostflow Lighthouse is not a new location, it is a vanilla location that has been highly developed. The story is interesting, and can be found in several books throughout the location. You should be able to learn enough about how it was built and why it came together. This mod was a huge learning curve as well, all the characters and animals took me a long time to figure out how to do anything, little lone speak. The building is safe for followers and did I mention there is a secret island? I don't think followers will go there, however, but they aren't lost either.

Just look at the pics if you want to see more, however I highly suggest you explore this mod for all the work I placed into it. Too much to talk about. Honestly, I'm surprised I even got around to publishing after all this time, mostly because I knew this description wouldn't do it justice. So, sorry I'm such a selfish modder! XD ENJOY!