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Adds Lanters, Candles, Braziers and torches to the outside envioirement around Skyrim's many Cities and settlements. All lights are controlled by a night/day script that supress the fire animation during the day in most areas so it feels more realisitc rather than having fires burning 24/7.

Permissions and credits
- Improves exterior light sources like Lanterns, braziers or any other static lightsource.
- Turns off emittance and lights during day, and turn them back on when
it is getting dark, you can control this using a custom in game menu.
- Mesh modification that makes it possible to place more lightsources
than usual, which means more street torches/lanterns in cities.
- Turns off lights in places where they make no sense, like outside
caverns, burrows that is only housing animals or undeads, makes no sense
to have braziers, torches or lanterns outside those places.
- As realistic lights as practically possible in Skyrim without exceeding the
number of shadow casters and screwing up your game with shadow and
flickering artifacts...yeah, a lot of restraints in this old engine.
- A variation of Lanterns, Braziers and lightsources to make the world
seem a little less static, cities have somewhat their own style in
lanterns. Winterhold is probably the most unique with their mage lights
to make it look like Winterhold is truly the host of the only mages
college in Skyrim.
- Does not touch interior cells at all.

[Detailed Description]

Thanks to hodilton!

[Click here or on the picture to see]

[Click here or on the picture to see]

Thanks to the following people for helping me out with the scripts, you have been a huge help!

Thanks for letting me use your meshes:
Tamira & Phitt for the Phitt's Morrowind Style Lanterns.
Brumbek for his Lantern Mesh.
css0101 for his awsome looking Nordic style lantern.

Thank you for the tools:
Figment for the 3ds max import/export tool
Anton for the Nif Healer
matortheeternal for his various TES5EDIT Tools and the Merge Tool.
Jon for keeping Nifskope up to date
Niftools team for everything nif.
Nexusmods for obvious reasons.
digital tutors for awsome tutorials
Sharlikran for Tes5Edit