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FCR 2.5 - Sprint n Gather Edition
by Afro/ArwingXL
An update to 'Followers Can Relax' by KingCoin

Adds a talk option to all followers "Hey, do you have a minute?" After which, you can ask a follower to stay close by or do some SERIOUS scouting for reagants/food/farmeables for the next 3 minutes. The mod is RATHER USEFUL for harvesting alchemy reagants. Should a follower encounter trouble, while gathering, they will fight that trouble off, then start over, so don't worry too much if they aren't back in exactly 3 minutes, and don't feel obliged to wait, either. When you get far enough away, they'll finish other whatever gathering they have left and come find you.
The next time you talk to said follower, there will be an option to reset to their script "Let's move on to another task." After that, the dialogue will close, and you can send them off again.

- tweaked some things (9/25/2015)
- changed follower gather speed to a sprint (9/5/2015)
- Changed the dialog between you and your followers to be more colloquial. (8/8/2015)
- Changed the sandboxing and gathering radius to allow for more movement flexibility within an area (8/8/2015)
- Changed movement speed when sandboxing and gathering reagants to a jog so followers can cover more ground. This can lead to gathering a full page of reagants in an open area, and followers going offscreen into unrendered cells to find things.
- changed reagant gathering time to 3 minutes. Enough time for you to send your followers out, leave your computer, get a sandwich, come back and have a full inventory of brewing/cooking supplies.
- added cave and interior support for a follower's gathering ai. This can be used as a scouting mechanism of sorts if you want to enter a random cave and tell your follower to scan the area. They will very quickly set off hunting for items, taking on any hostiles they run into.

- vanilla followers
- multiple followers lite (steam workshop)
- AFT (with follower sandboxing turned off)
- Master Alchemist Extras (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) -
Do not use with kuertee's Simple Multiple Followers or EFF (you have been warned)
THIS MOD IS A REPLACER FOR THE ORIGINAL "Followers Can Relax". Simply overwrite it and you should be fine.
1. extract the included data folder to your skyrim data directory
2. set last in the load order after other follower mods

Afro/ArwingXL - editing a 3 year old mod
KingCoin - for the original 'Followers Can Relax' -