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Now that you have finished the quest laid out by the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, why not step into a worthy prize -- a lush paradise of trees, clear water and sun? Welcome to Al-Janna!

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German

This Mod is Free to Download Without Cost
Requires The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

WARNING: The use of ENBoost and SKSE Memory Patch is also strictly required due to
large amounts of resource-demanding models in this mod. 

Al-Janna -- translated into our tongue as "Paradise".

When Caio had at last brought the aging Champion of Cyrodiil into the remotest corner of Hammerfell, during the rebuilding of the settlement and of the immense mausoleum he and his followers discovered a hidden vale full of lush greenery and clear water, and trace remains of Alik'r existence. This, he found, to be the ideal place for the Champion to spend his last days on Nirn, so an abode was constructed to house not only him and his physician, but also a retinue of loyal guards housed in an underground dormitory.

The vale was rich with herbs and medicinal plants, for which the physician took advantage of in order to prolong the Champion's life for a while; the grounds have game, and the waters have fish for which the guards could also obtain food and pelts, and to pass the time as they kept watch until it was time to carry out the final act of interning the body of the Champion in his final resting place.


Other Languages

Español | Deutsch

Where to Find Al-Janna?


  • A very large vale shielded away from the harsh sandstorms of the Alik'r Desert; respawns every 10 days
  • Bedspaces for the player and a maximum of 10 followers
  • Non-respawning outdoor storage chests and food barrels
  • Weapon racks for up to 30 items
  • Indoor and outdoor alchemy labs and enchanting tables
  • Outdoor crafting station
  • Bookshelves to store collected reading materials
  • Harvestable fish and plants scattered around the vale
  • Torch barrels are provided at certain spots (since it gets pretty dark at night and if you don't have a torch with you)
  • Secret passageway to Skyrim -- necessary if afterwards you need to bring in followers
  • Fully-navmeshed
  • Checked and cleaned with TES5edit 3.11


  • You may experience a slight FPS drop in some areas including the bamboo forest -- moreso if you're using a PC with low specifications
  • Some spawned fish may disappear -- this bug is beyond my ability to figure out why it happens
  • Version 1.3 and above is now compatible with Interesting NPCs


  • Create a savegame in any interior cell before installation
  • Can be installed and enabled through NMM or Mod Organizer
  • If manual, open the archive and extract the mod into Skyrim's Data directory


  • Create a savegame in any interior except within Al-Janna's interiors or worldspace, then exit Skyrim
  • Deactivate and uninstall or delete the mod and its associated .BSA resource files


  • Ga-Knomboe Boy's GKB Green Trees kit --
  • Portion of Harvestables by ChickenDownUnder (bamboo in this mod isn't harvestable) --
  • Jokerine's Misc Resources --
  • 3AM's Tree resource pack --
  • Of course, thanks to the generosity of MannyGT and his unwavering support. :)


This mod is NOT for sale, cannot be included in a compilation pack, nor be sold commercially or distributed illegally as part of a pack, nor be uploaded to sites other than Nexus or TESA. Any alteration requires permission.