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Choose what skills you can master at the expense of being inept in other skills.

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Know Your Limits
Can Dragonborn be master of all? Not if you use this mod. By default settings all your skills are capped at Adept. By reducing skill cap to Apprentice you gain skill cap point that you can use to increase your other skill cap to Expert. You can use one more to reach Master (uncapped). If you want to be master of all six magic schools, then prepare that your character will be completely inept at warrior or thief skills.
Numerical values of Apprentice/Adept/Expert caps are 30/55/80 by default, but customizable in range of 1..100.


Install, enter MCM Menu, press Init. Click on skill name to roll through available skill cap levels.

Enter MCM Menu, choose Remove. Should be safe then to remove .esp from load order if you wish so.

Technical information and Compatibility
Mod works by adding you perks that set exp that you get to 0 if your current skill value is higher or equal than set skill cap. This mod doesn't change your skills, and neither does it checks their levels when configuring. The worst that can happen to your game is that it doesn't work if experience is gained through i-don't-know-how.
Should be compatible with everything i guess.