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Sorry,I am not good at English!
This sentence is a Google translation.
This MOD is not a Lore friendly!!

■About this mod

   ・This MOD adds Male follower  "Cecile" . 
   ・He is a  standalone  follower. 
   ・He is the elf of blue hair. And he  has a elder sister.
     →Cecile is Sela's younger brother
   ・He is  Essential. 
   ・His face  is Feamle base.
   ・He is in "riverwood trader". 

   [Battle style]

  <male ver>
   ・His fight using "Bound Twin Sword".
   ・Power of the Bound Sword" is proportional to the level of the player.
       <Lv>       <Power>    
      Lv   0~10 :   19
             Lv 11~20 :   24
             Lv 21~30 :   29
             Lv 31~40 :   34
             Lv 41~50 :   39
             Lv 51~60 :   44
             Lv 61~70 :   49
             Lv 71~80 :   54
             Lv 80~90  :   59
             Lv 90~100  :  64
             Lv 100~     :  69
    <female ver>
      ・her fight using "Bound Bow".
       ・Power of the Bound Arrow" is proportional to the level of the player.


  ・Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team
   ・Kijiko Hair by  Goldiocks/ Kijiko(Original Hair models)
   ・Pretty Face by tktk 
   ・Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
   ・Fair Men Rtexture by RomeoZero aka alpharomeo


     →If there was not his blog, I could not make Cecil.
 ・Twiter's  test players

■My other mod