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About this mod

Makes some of the metal Immersive Armors models for women more protective and less boobalicious. Inspired by JZBai's mod and common sense.

Permissions and credits

About the Mod

I love hothtrooper44's Immersive Armors mod, but some of the armors on my female warrior were just too...boobalicious for my taste, and it was very unrealistic. This is a mod that fixes this problem (at least in my eyes).

The following armors have been changed:
Akaviri Samurai Armor

Apotheus Armor

Boiled Chitin Armor

Glacial Crystal Armor

Falkreath Armor

Hedge Knight Armor REMOVED V1.2 by request (too bulky, see pictures)

Herioc Imperial Armor

Heroic Stormcloak Armor

Imperial Knight Armor

Paladin Armor REMOVED V1.2 by request (too bulky, see pictures)

Ritual Armor of Boethiah plus Ritual Shroud

Spellbinder Armor

Vvardenfell Glass Armor

V1.1: Dragon Knight Heavy Armor

V1.1: Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor


OPTIONAL FILE: Jethead Armors (for normal and aMidianBorn addons)
Thanks to Cadenas for the Imgur album:

All credit goes to the makers of Immersive Armors for the original models.

Recommended Mods

This mod only replaces armors added by the Immersive Armors mod. If you're interested in a mod that makes vanilla armors less skimpy, check out these other great mods!

Practical Female Armors by JZBai

Less sexual female armor by 747823

CNHF 1_0 Calups and Nuskas Heroic Form BODY REPLACER by calyps ja niska

aMidianBorn Textures for Immersive Armors and Lore-Friendly Armor Pack by Deandra and CaBaL - This mod makes a lot of the mod's textures look a LOT better. No reason not to download this, along with the original aMidianBorn Book of Silence textures!


The only changes that this mod makes is to the mesh files. There is NO .ESP FILE! That means that it is compatible with all texture replacers, stat changing mods, etc. The only incompatibility is with a mod that changes these same meshes.

If my meshes conflict with another mod, you can always overwrite the mod with the meshes that you want through Mod Organizer.

Statement about Discrimination

Apparently hateful comments have been a problem on similar mods (sigh...), and I'm sure it'll be a continued problem regarding recent Supreme Court decisions, so this needs to be said: Do not post anything hateful regarding sexuality or gender identity. People deserve to be treated like human beings. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That wasn't the golden rule in elementary school for no reason. :)


This is a copy-paste-rename of mesh files and no meshes have been directly edited. Therefore, bodysliders have been disabled for the replaced armors. They were simply too bulky at the highest weight otherwise, and I simply haven't taken the time to learn how to work with meshes to make them skinnier. If anyone knows how to edit meshes and can help, send me a PM - the work should be pretty easy, since JZBai has free permissions on the Practical Female Armors meshes!

Since this is a simple copy-paste of the female meshes so that they match the male ones, I had to make some design choices and not include armors that some people may want included. Below is the list of armors that were not edited and reasons why (who knows, they may be added in the future):
Alduin Scale Armor - Even the male model was too skimpy, and I was getting a weird "skin-sleeve" effect with the female model where the skin on the armor wasn't lining up with the hands.

Barbarian Armors - Too skimpy and the body mesh underneath was the male chest.

Bosmer and Wild Hunt Armors - Already fine.

Brigand Armors - Already fine.

Crimson Archer Armor - Thought it was too bulky with the male model, considering that it's a light armor. I also figured the boobage was hidden well enough by the items covering the chest. :)

Dragonhide Robe - Already fine.

Dragon Knight Light - Too skimpy and caused the same skin sleeve effect.

Dwarven Mage Armor - Already fine.

Ebony Mage Armor - The clipping with the satchel was too bad.

Einherjar Armors - Already fine.

Hunter Armor - Too bulky for armor type.

Highwayman Armor - Skin sleeves.

Mercenary Armor - Major detached head and skin sleeve bug.

Nordic Mail Hauberk - Too bulky for armor type.

Nordic Mail Shirt - Already fine.

Primitive Nord Armor - Too skimpy.

Ranger Armor - Too skimpy.

Redguard Knight Armor - Already fine.

Ringmail Armor - Skin sleeves.

Seadog Armor - Too bulky.

Shaman Armor - Too skimpy.

Snow Bear Armor - Skin sleeves.

Stormlord Armor - Already fine.

Tribunal - Even though I don't like the weird Madonna boob effect on the female robes, I didn't think the male model was fitted well enough on a female as a robe. If enough people request it I may add this one as well.

Trollsbane - Already fine.

Vagabond Armors - Too bulky for armor type.

Vanguard Armor - Although the male model looks more protective, it was WAY too bulky. Reminded me too much of the Christmas Story "Can't Put My Arms Down" kid.

Warchief Armor - Already fine.

Witchplate Armor - Skin sleeves.

Do not repost this file anywhere. All assets belong to other modders so their permissions still apply.

Future Plans*

  1. Other armor mods and compilations, possibly including Omegared99, Warmonger, Noldor Content Pack, etc.
  3. If the mods get big enough, respective fomod installers.

*There is no time frame on these goals at the moment, as this is more of a hobby and I am trying to learn how to do these things in my spare time (something I have precious little of at this point in my life). The first major goal is using this method to complete other armor compilations, and then improving upon them with bodysliders and fomod installers.