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About this mod

Allows you to hire stewards for player homes other than the Hearthfire homes. Works with house mods and most followers.

Permissions and credits
* Stewards for all Houses by Puff The Magic Dragon *

Just buy a new home? Looking for someone to sweep out the cobwebs while you're out adventuring? Sounds like you need a steward!
This mod makes it possible to hire stewards for your custom homes. The process is the same as with vanilla Hearthfires stewards, just sign them up as a 
follower and take them home!

More Details
This mod was created to fill my personal need for a babysitter after I adopted Sofie, since she's too young to go dragon hunting with me. (I'm working on a 
mod for that...) The current incarnation allows you to hire up to 6 additional stewards for your player homes. The stewards can be any Follower NPC with the Steward voice type and the player home can be any mod you download. You can have your stewards all at one house, or have a steward for each of your player houses!
Stewards not included, some hiring required, not available in all areas. Ask your doctor if Multiple Stewards is right for you.

Technical notes:
In order to hire a steward, they must first be brought on as a follower. They must also have the BYOHVoicesNonUnique voice type. This voice type includes many (but not all) vanilla followers. Once you have a follower with this voice type, all you need to do is enter a player owned home (with the keyword LocTypePlayerHouse) which includes most house mods. Once you enter, they will approach you and offer to be your steward - this force greet is limited to once every 24 game hours, so if you try to bring in more than one steward in quick succession, only the first one will force greet. If they don't offer to be your steward, you can talk to them and a new dialogue option will be there "I'd like you to be my steward". 

To dismiss a steward, simply talk to them and select "I no longer need you as my steward". They will then revert to "dismissed follower" behavior, which usually means returning to their editor location.

I'd like to open this up so that any follower NPC can be hired as a steward, but then many of them won't have the voiced dialogue. As it is, I still need to copy some of the voice files to get the dialogue fully working for the NPCs that have it.

Skyrim v1.9.32

Recommended NMM:
Click and run!

Extract the files directly into your \Data folder.
Activate the mod in your Skyrim Launcher

Reverse of installation.

This mod should be compatible with every other mod out there. Theoretically. 

Known Issues
NPCs are not included in this mod. Followers and stewards from other mods or from Vanilla Skyrim can be used with this mod.
To avoid conflicting with the vanila Hearthfire stewards, this mod will NOT allow you to hire extra stewards for the three Hearthfire Build Your Own Home 
Stewards will not sandbox outside. You do not want to know how much of a pain in the neck it is just to get them to go outside. It's almost as hard as 
getting a gamer to go sunbathing. Just let the stewards be, they'll keep themselves busy inside.
Stewards may not sleep. There's myriad bugs in the vanilla game in this regard. With the unofficial patches or a properly built house mod, they should sleep fine.
You can dismiss a steward, but they may not leave your home immediately. This is the fault of the Skyrim AI and package engine. If the NPCs were made right, their packages should take them off to wherever their package is supposed to take them, but it may take some waiting/cell changing for that to actually happen.

Version History
Version 1.0 - Hire yourself a steward!

To-Do List*
Complete voiced dialogue integration.
Add some fun steward functions, like dialogue that does stuff.
Hire bards (most of the work is already done, just gotta create the hiring dialogue). I'm considering making this a separate mod.
Find a way to integrate with the vanilla steward quest so you can hire extra stewards for your Hearthfire homes.

*Due to other priorities, mostly real life taking up my time, I may never get to any of these. I will try to support bugfixes as much as possible, but new 
features will take a back seat to earning a real-world paycheck.

Credits goes to:
Arron Dominion for the Dominions Hearthfire Stewards mod. Why? Because it *doesn't* do this and so inspired me to create this mod. (link: 
http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25136/? ) It's a great mod, btw. Simple, but there's elegance in simplicity.
Gentester for the White River Cottage mod. SOOOOOO good. Words don't do this player home justice. (link: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54479/? )
And many thanks to Bethesda for making such an awesome game and for making the construction set that lets people like me with way too much free time modify the game.
Thanks to God for creating us all!