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Replaces the Blade of Woe with a new Model and Enchantment
DualSheathRedux files included

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Category: Weapon/ Replacer
Author: Crazy Lion
Version 1.3

This is a replacer for the Vanilla Dagger Blade of Woe (Dark-brotherhood Quest)
I never liked the original and tried all the other alternatives out, but none really fit the roll for me. So I made this Dagger awhile ago and share it now here.
The stats are the same as the Vanilla Version, I removed the enchantment and shader and replaced it with a new animated effect.
The Blade has a 25% increased critical hit changes and causes bleeding damage.
The Sheath comes in Black or Brown color and for performance I included a low texture Version
also files for Dual Sheath redux (DSR) are included.
You can use the Meshes and Textures without the ESP file but then the magic effect-shader of the Vanilla Blade runs over the new effect - and I don't think it looks good 

I recommend to use NexusModManager for easy guided installation

Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


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You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging or distribute any part of this mod.