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Including the artifacts Goldbrand/Eltonbrand, Boethiah's Walking Staff, Fearstruck, Lyrisius Dagger and Shashev's Ring.
High quality models and textures available at 4k and 2k.
Lorefriendly quest for obtaining the items.
Unique custom enchantments.

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The Tournament of the Ten Bloods

"Look upon the face of Boethiah and wonder.
Raise your arms that Boethiah may look on them and bestow a blessing
Know that battle is a blessing
Know that death is an eventuality
Know that you are dust in the eyes of Boethiah"

On this adventure you will get your hands on the artifacts Goldbrand, a legendary golden katana forged by dragons and its corrupted form Eltonbrand, obtained through an obscure ritual. Fearstruck and Lyrisius Dagger belonging to a hero of the same name from the First Era. Boethiah's Walking Staff and Shashev's Ring Everything is obtained through a quest that can be started by reading "The Story of Lyrisius" in the Arcanaeum (College of Winterhold), from there you will follow the steps of an Scholar by the name Aldantar and participate in the epic Tournament of the Ten Bloods.

The sword is offered in both two-handed and one-handed versions, all items are balanced to fit in the game as late-game equipment and can be tempered with the appropiate perks. The quest has been playtested extensively by me, but if you encounter any bug do tell and I'll fix it. In the artistic department, all models and textures were carefully crafted from scratch, any feedback you can provide is appreciated.