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These are the save games for fast start to game.

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Fast Start with Save Games Dovahkiin or Dova

These are the SAVE GAMES for Fast Start to game.

You need only The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

You can fast start as Dovahkiin or Dova
then you can change name and everything on showracemenu.
Quest UNBOUND finished.
Quest BEFORE THE STORM started.

How to use
Download manually and extract zip file.
Then copy or move which save game file you want,
to your Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Saves folder.
Start Skyrim game. PLAY then LOAD and select the save game you want.

Save 1 - Prisoner Skyrim (Going to Helgen Keep.)

Save 2 - Prisoner Skyrim (Before given name.)
- You can give a name to your character or change sex or another.
- (Console command with ~ then type showracemenu and change what do you want.)

Save 3 - Dovahkiin Skyrim (After given name Dovahkiin.)
- You can play with Dovahkiin if you want.

Save 4 - Dovahkiin Skyrim (After Alduin came. Game controls pass to you.

Save 5 - Dovahkiin Skyrim (Choosing to go with Hadvar or Ralof.)
- Save 6 and Save 8 (Escape with Hadvar - Imperial)
- Save 7 and Save 9 (Escape with Ralof - Stormcloaks)

Note: You can choose later ingame. Imperial or Stormcloaks.

Save 6 - Male Player Dovahkiin Skyrim and Save 8 Female Player Dova Skyrim
(After escape with Hadvar.) Quest UNBOUND finished.
- Hadvar's uncle Alvor is the blacksmith in Riverwood. He should be able to help you.
- Talk to Alvor in Riverwood. Quest BEFORE THE STORM started.

Save 7 - Male Player Dovahkiin Skyrim and Save 9 Female Player Dova Skyrim
(After escape with Ralof.) Quest UNBOUND finished.
- Ralof's sister Gerdur owns a lumbermill in Riverwood. She should be able to help you.
- Talk to Gerdur in Riverwood. Quest BEFORE THE STORM started.