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Beautiful strongbox retexture by Gamwich.

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For reasons unknown, the strongbox hasen't been retextured by any mods I'm using. This is ridiculous because I'm using most of CaBaL120's stuff, Tobes Highres Textures, Skyrim HD - 2K Textures, HD Misc, and SMIM. Anyway, I took the vanilla 512x512 texture and resized it to 1024x1024, applied the maximum sharpness would allow (20), added some noise, and darkened it a bit. For the normal map (at least what I think is the normal map), I resized it to 512x512 (it was originally 256x256) and applied maximum sharpness.

Gamwich graciously made a nice-looking retexture and allowed me to upload it. Get his version if you care about your quality of life. Gamwich's mods: Here

INSTALL: Dump the Data folder to your Skyrim directory or be a normal human being and use NMM or Mod Organizer.

I wonder what guy at Bethesda looked at the original texture and said "This is fine. No one will notice." I NOTICED!